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December 17, 2018

Its finally here! Today I present the second annual BITD Crazy Cat Lady Gift Guide!

I had the idea to curate a gift guide specifically for crazy cat ladies last year, as cat themed gifts can be so much fun to receive- but only if they're done right. Themed gifts- especially cat themed gifts- can sometimes walk the fine line of immature/tacky, so I wanted to create a guide filled with ideas for elevated and classy feline gifts! 

Below you'll find a range of purrfect feline gifts at all costs and all categories - clothing, sleepwear, home goods, handbags, and accessories. I hope you enjoy the guide and find some fun gift ideas for the crazy cat lady in your life!


September 11, 2018

Its no surprise here that I love cats. This obsession is one that started when I was 5 and my parents bought me a fluffy white kitten, after I screamed and cried the whole way home that I wanted the kitten after a trip to the pet store. We got home, my parents called the pet store to hold the kitten, and we got back in the car to the pet store. And that, friends, is how it all started....

Growing up we always had cats in my home. My first cat, Harry- mentioned above- was a fluffy maine coon mix who was one of the biggest divas I've ever met. He was pretty, and he knew it. We had four other cats throughout my childhood- Twinkle Toes, Rocky, Frosty, and Jazz; and I have g...

December 4, 2017

Todays Gift Guide is one that I have been looking forward to since I came up with the idea a few weeks ago. As a crazy cat lady myself, I love to gift and receive gifts geared around my beloved interest of cats. Being a kitty lover, I have embraced bringing cats into my personal style. Incorporating cats into my style has been a great decision for me, as it makes me smile and thinking about my Chloe girl, but its also a way to show who you are! 

 Cat hair slider by one of my favorite DC jewelry designers, Rachel Pfeffer.

See the cat slider here, and more cat goods here: Sterling Silver Cat Ear Threads | Cat Ring | Cat Studs  | Little Cat Pendant | Cat with Heart Eyes Nec...

December 1, 2017

Can you guys believe December is here? Seriously, where did the time go??? As we near the end of 2017, I have to say I'm sad to see the year go, as it was an unbelievably great year, but I'm also looking forward to what 2018 has to offer.

Today's post is going to be short and sweet. This week turned out to be way busier than I anticipated and I didn't have the time to document all my posts for the week as planned, so next week there will be a whole influx of new content- YAY! Before I get into the FAB Friday feature, I do want to point out a new edit to the menu of my blog- Holidays 2017! From this tab, you can view my latest Holiday Style Picks and Holiday Gift Guides...

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