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2019 Recognitions        

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July 2, 2018

I used to never be one who did my brows. I would literally do my whole face full of makeup, but leave my brows bare as I didn’t think they needed to be shaped since they were already kind of dark. Then one day I had my brows done by a pro makeup artist and all that changed. I saw my face was completely transformed and my brows gave my face structure and made everything look complete. After that, I started to do my brows daily. I tried pretty much every single brow pencil or gel on the planet to obtain perfect brows.

 Brows by Farideh at Ellada Studio. Photo by Arielle Lewis.

Full disclosure here I wouldn’t say I was that great at doing my brows. I would often find the...

April 27, 2018

Today for FAB Friday, I'm going to be sharing one of my new obsessions- NAILS! I have always been a bit obsessed with nails, but after finding Ellada Studio, the obsession became REAL

I am someone who must have her nails painted at all times. Chipped nails are a personal pet peeve, and I literally won't leave the house without good nails. Call me crazy, but its my thing.....

My nails by Ellada Studio, Sabrina. 

About a year and a half ago I decided to bite the bullet and get acrylic nails, despite all the talk of how bad it is for your nails. I had my eye on a nail salon in Old Town, and they were friendly and nice, but ultimately, they couldn't do the high end nails th...

March 6, 2018

I have been an eyelash freak for as long as I can remember. I have searched high and low for the best mascara to use, and I have a small collection of stock piled false strip eyelashes that I would have on deck for days I wanted some extra volume to my lashes. Over a month ago, I decided to trade in my mascaras and falsies and try out eyelash extensions after seeing them done at the trusted salon I go to for nails, Ellada Studio and Spa.

I was always curious about eyelash extensions. I wanted to try them, but to be honest I was sort of scared. A foreign eyelash adhered to your natural lash seemed so weird to me, but when I look at all the other things we do to ourselves...

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