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2019 Recognitions        

Named 2019 Washingtonian Magazine Style Setter.

Voted BEST of NoVA 2019 FASHION BLOG by Northern Virginia Magazine.


October 31, 2018

LADY GAGA. Quite possibly my favorite icon ever. I still remember the first time I heard Just Dance and wondering who it was. In fact, I at first didn't like Lady Gaga. I don't think I understood her. I enjoyed her music but her over the top performances always left me confused and her costumes.... well, those left me confused too. It wasn't until Bad Romance came out that everything changed, and the "little monster" in me was born.

Bad Romance came out at a time in my life that I was literally in that exact scenario. I was in my mid-20's and literally in a bad romance, and it felt like the song was written just for me. I started listening to The Fame Monster 24/7 and s...

October 26, 2018

Who else reading this loves black cats?! If your answer is YES, then keep reading... if it isn't. keep reading anyways, lol...


As you may know, I have a deep love for black cats which stems from my rescue cat, Chloe. I adopted Chloe almost 5 years ago and she has become a huge part of my life. I adopted Chloe because when I was looking to adopt a cat, I wanted to choose a black cat as they are less than half as likely to be adopted due to people thinking they are bad luck or associated with witchcraft and spirits. This year for Halloween, my black cat loving friend The CaroLove, and I are throwing a Black Cat Soiree, which will benefit the Lost Dog & Cat Recuse Foundat...

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