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Peru Travel Diaries: Triz y Juan Fotos Collab

It's #TravelTuesday, friends! You know what this means: another entry from my Peru Travel Diaries series! Today I'm excited to discuss the details from a surprise blog photo shoot that was planned as a birthday gift by my step-mother and dad during our recent travels in Lima.

When I found out about the blog photo session I was so excited. While I planned on getting some good blog photos in Lima, nothing compares to professional photos so I was very happy I'd have these images as a remembrance of the trip to Peru. The shoot was planned in the hip, beautiful beach district of Miraflores in Lima at Parque del Amor, a park known for its ocean views, mosaic walls, and a large kiss sculpture. We met with the photographers, Triz and Juan, a beautiful young married couple who specializes in love photography, and their good friend and assistant who helped out during the shoot. I was instantly at ease as soon as I met them and saw their bubbly personalities and knew this would be a fantastic experience. Triz and Juan also spoke English, so that was a huge plus and I got to practice my small Spanish vocabulary with them as well.

As we started the photo shoot, I instantly saw their love of photography shine through in their skill and manners. They both have a great eye for detail and were so thorough in picking angles and scenes that I trusted all their directions in where to stand and how to move. They also were eager to hear my thoughts and ideas for photos, so it truly felt like a collaborative effort on both parts which made the whole experience even better.

Parque del Amor:

We started in the Parque de Amor and walked over the Villena Bridge which is a well-known landmark in Miraflores and Triz and Juan thought it would make for great photos. And it totally did! Some of my favorite images from the collaboration shoot were on the bridge. They were also great at capturing quick photo ops (see the images with the dog walker and running dog below!), which showed their sense of humor and candid appeal that all photographers should possess (in my humble opinion).

Villena Bridge:

After the bridge, we made our way to Larcomar, an upscale shopping and dining center chiseled into the cliffs with gorgeous ocean views. We walked around the center looking for the best photo ops and took in all the fabulous views. To top off the shoot, we went to Mango's Cafe, a popular restaurant known for their Pisco Sours and Ceviche, and had a celebratory Pisco Sour to honor our collaboration and new friendship.


Working with other creative individuals during my travels is something I always like to do. There is something special in connecting and bonding with like-minded individuals in other counties, and certainly feels good to know you have friends to visit in the future.

All photos by Triz y Juan Fotos


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