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Fab Friday: Illusions of Georgetown

FAB(ulous) Friday is finally here, fashion friends! I don't know about you, but its been one busy week for me and I am so looking forward to the weekend! Although the week was busy, I enjoyed my social time with friends, DC Restaurant Week, and best of all- the fabulous Illusions of Georgetown Salon!

I met Illusions of Georgetown on Instagram a few months ago, and after shared likes and comments, the social media manager and makeup pro, Yvette, and I finally touched base and were able to partner for Vivi and I's Modcloth private shopping event back in June. Illusions of Georgetown is a salon focused on hair styling for women and men, makeup, and threading. For our Modcloth IRL collaboration, Illusions provided a quick-style hair bar and lipstick applications for our guests while they browsed the pop-up shop apparel. I was so impressed with the talent of Illusions stylist, Amanda, for all her quick hair fixes and braids, and Yvette for her great eye for lipstick; and the energy and friendliness they both brought to the event.

As a result of our Modcloth collaboration and briefly seeing the talent that Illusions of Georgetown has, Yvette invited me in this week to experience their services first hand and get a feel for the salon. I went in Wednesday for a blow-out and Kerasilk Reconstruct intensive repair mask. Upon entering the salon, I was greeted by Yvette with a warm welcome and instantly offered something to drink- water, white red, red wine- so I (obviously) accepted the offer for white wine (hey, it was #winewednesday and prime happy hour time!). My first impression of the salon (other than the AC felt amazing from the 100 degree heat outside) made me feel like I had just walked into a friends living room. The decor is sleek, comforting and posh, and made me feel as if I could relax there all afternoon gossiping over drinks. The salon is two levels with three styling stations and wash stations on the bottom floor, and a makeup station and more styling and wash stations on the second level. The salon is the perfect size and is very aesthetically pleasing.

Yvette introduced me to the salon owner, Irma (who is fabulous with a great sense of humor!), Amelia, the Illusions shampoo assistant, and Megan, one of the Illusions hair stylists. I had a quick consultation with Megan about my blow out before the conditioning treatment. Amelia washed my hair and provided an *amazing* scalp massage before applying the Kerasilk Reconstruct intensive repair mask. The mask is a conditioning treatment which provides brilliant color protection for stressed, damaged and color treated hair; as well as fortifies, reconstructs and enhances resilience and provides lasting moisture and protection from reoccurring dryness (what a great mask, right?!). Since the mask is a conditioning treatment, I sat for 10 minutes under portable heat lamps with the treatment in my hair, chatting with Yvette and sipping my wine. When my time was up, Amelia washed the treatment out of my hair and while doing so gave me another scalp massage (my favorite part of going to the salon!), and I returned to Megan's station relaxed.

Since I always wear my hair stick straight, I asked Megan if my blow out could be voluminous and full of body. Its no secret I dye my hair and put it through a lot, so I normally stray from any heated styling products- except for hair dryers- to prevent breakage. Megan understood my concern completely and styled my hair with only mousse, a hair dryer, and a round brush. While she was styling my hair, we chatted about DC since she recently moved to the area from San Francisco, and expressed our likes for the city. I also noticed the salon carries the Halo Extensions which I've seen all over Instagram, and Megan let me see a set and even try them on after the styling (I was very impressed, FYI!).

Megan was personable and easy to talk to, which made my blow out much more enjoyable. As she was blowing out my hair with her technique, I could see the volume piling up and was so excited for the final look, which I absolutely loved! The final look had body and bounce, which are such a vast difference to my day-to-day hair style. The volume lasted all night (even in the extreme DC heat!) through dinner and drinks with my blogger baes, Roxanne and Vivi for DC Restaurant Week, and I woke up yesterday with my hair still bouncy and full of life that I was able to wear it to work as-is, with just a quick comb through.

Illusions of Georgetown provided excellent service and the relationship we have established is truly meaningful. Illusions is focused on providing their clients with outstanding service and boosting confidence through hair and makeup. They are also community driven and pride themselves in supporting other local businesses through various outlets such as their upcoming Illusions Paw Readings on August 27 from 10am-3pm which benefits the Washington Humane Society, and the DC Woman of Style series which features a monthly DC resident who inspires other women personally or professionally.

For more information, visit the Illusions of Georgetown website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

Stay fabulous, friends!


Blonde in the District


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