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Halloween Crazy Cat Lady Makeup

Re-sharing this gem in honor of Halloween!

Original Post Date: October 31, 2016

Raise your hand if you love Halloween! (Both my hands are raised, FYI!). As if costumes weren't enough of a reason to like Halloween, I also love black cats, and Hocus Pocus is one of my favorite movies of all time. I'll admit this year I'm a little bummed I had a low key Halloween, but I still love everything Halloween and love looking at the creativity that goes into people's costumes.

Since I had all these great ideas for a costume, but none panned out, I opted to do a makeup tutorial instead of a costume tutorial for a Halloween post. My best friend, Erin, has been pushing me to start makeup vlogging, but I've been pushing back out of sheer terror. Immediately I start to think, what if I hate the way my voice sounds?, what if others don't think my makeup looks good?, what if no one watches it?, what if the lighting is bad?. Well, today I'm taking a leap of faith and sharing my first ever makeup tutorial in celebration of Halloween. I'm also re-starting my Makeup Monday posts, as I honestly don't know why I ever stopped!

I saw the idea for this on Pinterest and decided to give it a go, with my own touch. Since I love black kitties, this idea truly spoke to me and I knew with enough perseverance I could recreate it and be a Crazy Cat Lady for Halloween to hand out candy and sip champs and watch Hocus Pocus with my husband for our low-key night. I tried the look on one eye before deciding to actually film the tutorial, when I wound up actually pleased with the results. For this post, I learned how to create a fun new costume makeup look, created a YouTube channel, and compiled my first video (eek!)- which is haunting enough! All this time I was scared and it's actually not that bad (Other than I noticed I used the word "so" like a zillion times, which is a total fail on my part!).

For a full recap on how to create this Crazy Cat Lady look, view the tutorial here:

Costume Details: Cat Ears from The Chic Shack | Boa from Party City | Choker, similar here | Cat Earrings (a purrfect gift from my friend Susan!).

Happy Halloween, friends!!


Blonde in the District


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