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Makeup Monday: NYX Faves

As a follow up to last week's Makeup Monday post, today I'm discussing more NYX faves! I got the idea for this post when my blogger friend, Chloe of My Life Living Abroad, commented on my post from last week discussing NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, saying that she saw NYX in Paris and that she appreciated the post so she'd know what to buy. This gave me the idea to do a NYX round up, featuring my favorite products. I personally love NYX due to the affordable price and exceptional quality! I consider NYX by far my favorite "drugstore" brand.

Lucky for us in the DC area, NYX has opened 2 NYX Professional stores in 2016 in Tysons Corner and Pentagon City Mall. I also shop NYX at CVS (for the BOGO 50% off sales!), Ulta, and Nordstrom Rack. I prefer the store though, since they have much better stock and a lot of times the products I want are sold out at CVS/Ulta/Nordstrom Rack. There are also NYX stores throughout the US in NY, CA, FL, TX, and IL; as well as around the world in Canada, France, Italy, and Spain. I actually had the pleasure of attending the Tysons Corner NYX opening event this past Spring and it was awesome.

So now on to my fave products. I do want to clarify these picks are based only on products I have used- while I have tried lots of NYX products, there are still a ton of products I haven't used yet since they have so much to choose from! So, there may be other amazing picks that I'm missing only since I haven't tried them yet! I have classified my faves by Eyes, Lip, and Face. I hope you enjoy the list and if you give the products a try, let me know if you like them too! Or, if you have a fave that isn't listed below, let me know so I can test it out myself!

NYX Faves: Eyes

NYX Eyeshadow Base- creates the perfect canvas for eyeshadow application and long-wear staying power.

NYX Roll-On Shimmer- This stuff is amazing! I swear by this in Nude for my eyeshadow. Its super easy to apply and lasts all day! Plus, its only $4!!!!!

NYX Super Skinny Marker- Perfect tool to create a cat eye look. I start with a thin line, then trace it a few times to create a thicker line.

NYX Vivid Brights Liner- I love this liner in blue for fun! Its super pigmented and bright. I like to wear it with nude/matte eye shadows to create a statement.

NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade- This brow powder is so easy to use and helps create a polished brow look. Apply with slanted brow brush.

NYX Faves: Lips

NYX Suede Lip Liner- Creates a perfect base for gloss or matte color, or can be worn alone with its matte application.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream- One of my fave matte lip creams! Long wear and non-drying.

NYX Matte Lipstick- Another fave for matte application, stay power, and non-drying to lips.

NYX Lingerie- As you can tell I have a thing with mattes, lol. Creates a great matte look, and can be worn with or without liner. These are commonly compared to the Kylie glosses at a more affordable price. Heads up these are a little sticky feeling, but still a fave.

NYX Faves: Face

NYX Hydra Touch Primer- I love this primer for its hydrating and soft feel. Gives the perfect base for makeup application.

NYX Dark Circle Concealer- Hands down, one of my fave under eye concealers.

NYX HD Photo Concealer- Another fave, I use this on top of the NYX Dark Circle Concealer to lock in the illusion of bright eyes, and use this to conceal redness around my nose as well.

NYX Pro Fan Brush- My favorite brush for power and highlighting!

NYX Wonder Stick & NYX Sculpt and Highlight Face Duo- Both of these are perfect to introduce yourself to contouring. Both come with application instructions and in my opinion are easy to apply if you have questions with contouring.

NYX Tea Tree Skin Elixir Balance- Another great primer, this is great for balancing skin thank to the tea tree oil in the elixir.


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