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Switzerland Travel Diaries: Grindelwald

How fitting that today's Travel Tuesday post falls on the day I visited Grindelwald, exactly one year ago to a T! I didn't even realize this was the exact date until I saw my day in history on Facebook! It’s the little things that make me excited, I swear...

Continuing in my Switzerland Travel Diaries, today I’m sharing my experience in the Swiss Alps village of Grindelwald. My husband and I took the day trip to Grindelwald from Interlaken, only about an hour’s train ride up the Alps. The day before we had gone to Lauterbrunnen Valley, and wanted to experience a village a little higher up in the Alps before we departed Interlaken. We decided to go, even though we knew it was snowing heavily but wanted to take our chances. Grindelwald is known for their breathtaking mountainscape and is popular for snow sports in the winter, as well as hiking in summer months.

As we made our way via train up the Alps, I admired the surrounding views and felt as if we were making our way to the North Pole. The snow fall got heavier the higher up we got, and I wondered if we had made a huge mistake in deciding to go, knowing they were being hit with snow. The conditions were gray and visibility was poor, and we were unprepared without proper snow gear, but my mentality was hey- we’re here, so why not just go.

We got off the train and wandered into the quiet village and started to make our way around, all while the largest snowflakes I had ever seen fell on our faces and clothes (enter The Sound of Music's My Favorite Things lyrics ...Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes... here). We tried to brave the beautiful snowfall as long as we could and take in the experience, but we were cold and unprepared so we didn’t make it too far before ducking into a cozy coffee shop, Grindel Lounge & Deko that luckily was open.

As we sipped cappuccino in this warm and cozy café, the snow started to clear and we could see blue skies in the distance. I remember singing “Here Comes the Sun” to myself when I could see the skies clear as I was in such a wonderful mood from watching the snow fall in the Alps in a traditional Swiss café. What an experience. The grey snow skies broke to show the amazing mountainscape that was purely magical and like nothing I’d ever seen before. I know this may sound crazy, but the freshly snow fallen in the landscape and trees made me think of the tabletop ceramic lighted trees that were hugely popular in the 90’s. This town was giving me all the Christmas vibes and I loved every minute of it.

The rest of our time in Grindelwald was spent walking the village and admiring the expansive mountains that completely surrounded us. We wandered the quiet streets and took pictures along the way, looking at homes and shops that I wished were open. Walking the empty, snow filled streets, I felt like Santa’s Elves or Reindeer should be passing us on their way to Santa’s shop. This village embodied everything I image when I think of the North Pole- snow filled, quaint, and magical.

Although we went during off season and didn’t get to experience the full feel of the village, I cherish the memories made here of just my husband and I literally walking in a winter wonderland, known as Grindelwald. This trip made me add spending Christmas in the Swiss Alps to my bucket list, and I hope to check this off very soon.


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