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Makeup Monday: Spotlight on Will Leonard Allen

Today for Makeup Monday, I’m trying something new. Instead of recommending a product, I’m recommending a person- Will Leonard Allen, a Professional Hair & Makeup Artist here in the DC area.

I met Will over the summer at the iConiq Style App Launch party. I was participating in the runway show, and Will was assigned to me for hair and makeup. We initially hit it off and I knew Will was going to become a friend when he asked how I liked my makeup. I believe the words were, “ Do you like your makeup popping? Or not popping?” I replied with, “Ummm.....POPPIN'!!!!!” And his expression immediately changed and he said, “DONE.” And he did. My makeup that evening was outstanding. I had never been contoured or highlighted by any other makeup artist so well in my life! And it was after that night that I started to incorporate highlighting into my daily makeup routine, after a visit to Will at MAC for the products he used on me at the show.

Will Leonard Allen, DC Professional Hair & Makeup Artist

Since that show, I visit Will at MAC at least once a month. What I like most about Will, is that he shows me something new every time I see him. He gives me new options on products to try and always encourages me to step outside my normal makeup comfort zone. I am always impressed with his recommendations and feel that I can truly trust him as a makeup artist. He is not just in it for the sale, like I feel at a lot of makeup counters, but for making connections and recommendations catered to you. And its not just makeup- Will recently helped me revamp my entire skincare routine based on my seasonal dry skin. And the products so far are working wonders on me.

01/13/17 Makeup by Will

My relationship with Will has not only given me extra confidence in makeup, but he has become a supportive friend, and we encourage each other in our goals. Whenever I sit in Will’s chair no matter for a 10 min makeup demo or 60 min full makeup application, I leave feeling fantastic about myself. He truly has a gift of enhancing what you already have and making you look and feel amazing, not to mention he is hilarious. I know shopping for makeup can sometimes be intimidating, but trust me when I say you'll never feel anything but comfortable with Will. I want to personally recommend him to all of you fab readers for this reason. Shopping for makeup should make you feel happy and excited, and should also be an educational experience by learning a new technique or application. If you are looking for this sort of experience, Will can show you all of this and more, in a completely positive and trusting environment.

Q&A with DC Pro Makeup Artist, Will Leonard Allen

1. What made you decide to become a makeup artist?

WLA: I decided to become a make up artist when I began modeling. When I started modeling I used to watch everything that my hairstylist and makeup artist did on me and I thought about it to myself and I wondered if I could do the same thing. I began then to play with makeup and play around with hair, which brought me to this point of becoming a makeup artist.

2. If you could do any celebrities makeup, who would it be & why?

WLA: If I could do any celebrities make up I would say I would love to do Beyoncés makeup because I have always looked up to Beyoncé not only as a performer but an amazing artist. She is a great entertainer and I grew up listening to her when she was in Destinys child and when she became a solo artist. If I could choose a second celebrity I would choose to do Rihanna because Rihanna seems very down to earth, not stuck up, but very genuine and humble.

3. What is one makeup tool you can't live without?

WLA: One thing that I cannot live without in terms of make up tools are lighting. If you don't have the proper lighting you won't be able to create perfection.

4. What is your favorite area of the face to apply makeup to? Face, Eyes, Lips, or Brows?

WLA: My favorite area to apply make up to would be brows, without brows you have no face. Brows are the center of attention in order to have a complete look. Brows are one of the main things that I had trouble with in the beginning of my makeup artistry career. However now I have mastered them.

5. What is your favorite thing about being a makeup artist?

WLA: I would have to say my favorite thing about being a make up artist would be looking at the transformation from beginning, middle, and end. Makeup artistry is basically enhancing the beauty that you already have and that is what I tell all of my clients all the time whether female or male.

To see more of Will's work or to book him, check out his YouTube Channel and Instagram page.

You can visit Will in-store at the MAC location in Union Station.


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