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Capes x Opera Gloves

One of my favorite things about winter temps is jackets and outerwear accessories. I have to admit- I'm laughing to myself as I type this for the fact that I'm sitting outside at a DC Starbucks as I draft this post. Some winter we're having here in DC, huh? Anyways, while its currently warm enough to be outside without turning into an icicle, it not warm enough to be outside without a coat, and a pair of gloves wouldn't hurt right now either. SO- this brings me to the point of this post- coats.

I always invest in statement winter jackets for two reasons- 1. Because jackets are a must for winter; and 2. Since your outfit is always hiding under your coat, you may as well make your coat the focus while outdoors. I love many types of coats, but my favorite style of winter jacket is a cape. To me, a cape exudes class and looks polished and sharp. While you may be thinking of a cape as an oversized poncho, let me tell you there are many differing styles and shapes of a cape jacket. Since capes have become trendy recently, there are many options- button down capes, wrap capes, traditional, belted, fur- you name it.

And with a cape comes the glove pairing...which leads me to my favorite type of glove- opera gloves. Another classic option that instantly looks polished, sharp, and feminine. A cape coat with opera gloves is hands down my absolute favorite winter pairing and I obsess over this look that has a vintage, yet modern vibe.

I feel like this look is so easy to achieve, but many people shy away from it, so I have compiled some cape coat and opera glove pairings to take you through the rest of the winter. While opera gloves are an investment- you'll be happy you have them. They look fabulous with a cape but can be worn with any other jacket when its really cold to add another layer to keep your arms warm. In terms of the cape coat, the fabulous thing about them is they can be a great transition coat. As the winter turns to spring, you can still rock that cape in cool mornings and evenings! Below are my picks for modern cape coats and opera glove pairings, I hope you check this style out before winter is gone!

Capes x Opera Glove Picks:

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