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Crazy Cat Lady Style

Its no surprise to many of you that I am the epitome of a Crazy Cat Lady, minus owning 20 cats. I only have one, Chloe, who is my heart and being and I love her more than words can say. All my life I have been a cat fan, growing up with 6 indoor/outdoor cats (over time! Not all at once, lol) and one very spoiled indoor cat, Harry whom I picked out personally in a pet store in Richmond, VA (my hometown!) when I was 5 years old. Harry was an all white Maine Coon who lived to 18 years of age. After Harry passed during my early 20's, it took me awhile to get another cat, but I found Chloe at the right time and place (at a Lost Dog & Cat Rescue event) and knew she was for me. Having a cat again reminded me of my deep love of kitties and over time I have been incorporating cat inspiration into my style, thanks to big name designers (Kate Spade & Charlotte Olympia to name a few) for making cats a comeback.

One thing I love about style is its outward expression. You can tell a lot about a person just by the way they dress or style themselves, especially when they add hints as to their interests within their style. For me, that hint is cats. I know there are a number of other cat ladies out there too, so I had the idea to incorporate some of my fave kitty inspired pieces into a Crazy Cat Lady roundup, based on some of my personal cat lady styles I've worn recently!

Pictured: My Lucky Cat Purse by Kate Spade (similar here), available on eBAY | CEO Skirt by ZOPHIA | Booties from Ross. Photo by Lauren Joseph

Crazy Cat Lady Bag Picks:

Pictured: My matching Kate Spade kitty watch (available below) and Cool Cat iPhone cover (available here, similar below). Manicure by Phoebe at Old Town Nail Spa

Crazy Cat Lady Accessory Picks:

Pictured: My Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats (a Christmas gift to myself 3 years ago!- available below) with a mint Mojito Iced Coffee at Philz Coffee.

Crazy Cat Lady Footwear Picks:

Crazy Cat Lady Apparel Picks:

My kitty inspirations:

And, just because I really like cats and coffee and found this funny:



Blonde in the District


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