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Makeup Monday: "My Lip Gloss is Popping"

After reading this title does anyone else have the Lil Mama Lip Gloss song stuck in their head? Because I sure do. Sorry in advance if this catchy tune is stuck in your head now, but I simply couldn't resist using that blog title for this post, lol. Anyways....

Its the second week of the new year, friends! I hope 2017 is treating you all well so far. For me, I'm still on my goal to be more mindful of what I eat, my daily intake of water, and workout plan. In addition, I have been playing around with my makeup routine to explore some other looks. You all know I love matte lipsticks, but here recently with the cold I'm finding that the matte lipsticks are a little too harsh on my already chapped lips. It seems like my lips are permanently chapped in this weather no matter what I do, so I have turned to glosses as they aren't as hard on my lips.

This switch is coming at a good time with my makeup routine explorations. I had forgotten how much I love glosses, since I was so obsessed with matte lipsticks. In fact, a few years ago, lip glosses were all I wore, and I'm remembering now why! The right gloss can give you a completely polished and feminine look, even worn alone without other makeup. I also am obsessed with the lip plumping glosses that give the appearance of bigger lips. I decided that since I've written a blog post dedicated to my fave matte lipsticks, its time I share the wealth and dish on my fave lip glosses today for Makeup Monday! Below is a roundup of my Top 5 Lip Glosses, and why they are at the top of my list!

My Top 5 Lip Gloss Picks:

Ok, so I admit I love the name of this color is 'Dani' but this isn't the only reason I love it. This gloss goes on so smoothly, has extreme staying power, and plumps your lips. I also love its tingling sensation when first applied and the shimmer in this particular color is subdued but still noticable. It can be worn alone or with a lip pencil for added color. This gloss has been a favorite of mine for years!

After Buxom, this is hands down my favorite gloss. It also is a lip plumper, but in addition it moisturizes your lips and leaves a super glossy finish. When I wear this, my lips feel full and nourished. I like to layer this on top of a lip liner since its color is very sheer. You won't be disappointed with this gloss, I promise!

Another fave, I've been wearing MAC lipglass since college! It comes in a large selection of colors and the finish is high shine and glossy- like glass! My personal fave color is Nymphette!

This 'cocktail' is legit. It definitely works well and you can instantly feel the plumping results as soon as you put it on. The tingle sensation is a bit stronger on this one, but it lasts for hours and keeps your lips super plump. It also has long-term use benefits of fuller and younger looking lips with daily use. My only negative thing about this is the smell of the gloss reminds me of a tanning lotion, but the smell doesn't linger on your lips.

In my mind, you can never go wrong with NYX. I love this gloss as its adds a totally glam sparkle and shine to lips. Plus, can we talk about the price? I'll take one in every color, lol!


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