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Sunday Spotlight on Urban Jungle

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I was way busier than I had thought I'd be, and today I've spent with my head in my laptop finalizing my website relaunch. Eek! It will be live tomorrow (homepage preview below!), and I can't wait! I've also been prepping for Valentine's Day on Tuesday and leaving for NYFW on Wednesday! I feel like I have so much to do with so little time. (sigh). Anyone else feeling this way?

So who has plans for Valentine's? Who has all the gifts they need for Valentine's or Galentine's? If you are still looking for some gift inspiration, I have the *perfect* idea for you from a local DC vendor. Meet Urban Jungle, a DC based florist specializing in low-maintenance plants, such as orchids, cacti, succulents, bonsai, and more. The best thing about these plants is not only are they low-maintenance, but they are plants with a long plant life. I know roses are the "official" gift of Valentine's, but how cool would it be to give a plant that won't die in a week? Plus, the selection of plants from Urban Jungle are utterly beautiful! AND, best part- they offer same-day delivery in the DC Metro area, so you still have time to have a plant delivered in time for Tuesday, all without the hassle of going to the florist!

The collection of Urban Jungle floral arrangements are amazing. They are beautiful, unique, and fun! When I say fun, I mean they even have troll succulents. Yes, you read that correctly- TROLL succulents! When I first saw this on their website I almost died. As a kid, I loved trolls and had a huge collection. I even still have a few of them now, as I couldn't part with my favorites (don't judge me, lol!). Fast forward to when I received my Urban Jungle delivery on Friday, and I died all over again upon seeing the troll in person. It is the cutest, most whimsical plant and I absolutely adore it. My husband has also taken a keen liking to it and is trying to plot on stealing it from my workspace to his store (not happening, lol!). It also brings back happy childhood memories when I look at it and think of the army of trolls I had. This little troll with succulent hair is seriously the best.

I also received one of the Urban Jungle speciality orchids, which is hands-down gorgeous. The color is a vibrant purple that lights up the room. Its detailed arrangement is impressive too, with a pretty base and buds that are already bloomed and some buds that will bloom soon. This is my very first orchid and I already love the life that its brought to my apartment. Between the orchid and the troll succulent, my apartment and blog work station has been beautifully transformed!

Whether you are looking for a fun Valentine's Day gift (the troll!) or a more serious gift (the orchid!), I highly recommend placing an order with Urban Jungle. They truly have something for everyone on their site- and even offer classes, which could also make for a lovely Valentine's gift too! Between the same-day delivery, the packaging of the plants upon delivery, and the fact that they are plants with a long life span, Urban Jungle is a total no brainer to fulfill your gift needs- whether its for Valentine's on Tuesday, or a future event or birthday! These plants will make a wonderful gift for anyone on your list- or for yourself!

A huge thank you to Urban Jungle for my troll succulent and orchid. You made my weekend with these gorgeous plants!

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