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Fab Friday: ELOQUII

Fab Friday for a Fab brand. Today I'm dishing on my new found love for ELOQUII, a brand that caters to curve and plus women.

It was only recently I really got into ELOQUII. While I had seen ELOQUII around Instagram and on some of my blogger friends who swear by the brand, I hadn't ordered anything from ELOQUII since they are an online retailer and I'm more of an in person shopper. I like to see and touch the materials and try on items in person. Sure I love online shopping, but for me as someone who is on the line of straight size vs plus size, I normally steer away from online shopping for this reason- sometimes straight sizes are wayyyy too small, and plus sizes are wayyyy too unflattering and lack any sort of shape (I'm looking at you, H&M- just because a women is over a size 12 doesn't mean she should be in an unshapely potato sack). So for me, being able to physically see the cuts of clothing, is a big deal for me to gauge if it will work or not with my figure, and unfortunately you can't see this online. I also hate being super excited about an online order, waiting for days for it to arrive, then when it arrives nothing fits right or it looks nothing like its picture online. It's such a let down!

When I saw ELOQUII was opening their very first concept store here at Pentagon City, which also happens to be my go-to mall, I was excited to finally be able to see the clothes in person. Vivi first told me about this, and mentioned the brand may be reaching out. Luckily, they did, and I had the opportunity of speaking with their Business Development Director, Diana, to learn all about the brand and the concept store, opening March 10 through the end of May. I also finally tried the clothes, thanks to ELOQUII, and OMG was I impressed when that online order showed up at my door and I tried on the clothes. Each item was well made and fit perfectly. The materials are all of great quality and nothing looked cheap- which is a common problem I face with online apparel. I have been living in the lace up body suit they sent me and I want one in every single color possible....although I'm pretty sure it only comes in black, lol.

In my meeting with ELOQUII, I mentioned I would be at NYFW. Diana immediately invited me to the ELOQUII NYC HQ to see some behind-the-scenes. I was thrilled. Never had I ever been to a huge brands HQ to see BTS, so I gladly accepted and while in NYC, Roxanne and I made it out to their HQ in Long Island City. Thanks to the ELOQUII team, I was given a BTS tour of their office space, their shooting/filming area with racks and racks of current and upcoming clothing, design mood boards and fabrics for inspiration for upcoming seasons, as well as a full on design tour which even featured sample items with ELOQUII Associate Designer, Lizzie, who also happened to be the designer of the ELOQUII dress I was wearing that day! HOW COOL IS THAT? They also allow dogs in the office, which was an added bonus for seeing cute pups around during the tour. Being in the midst of such a fabulous fashion brand made me regret not going to college for fashion.

Side note- Believe it or not friends, my dad actually urged me to do Fashion Design or Merchandising in college, and me being a young know-it-all (we've all gone through that stage, right?), didn't listen and I went into Communications instead. I'm still mad at myself for not listening to him on that one...funny how as we get older, we realize our parents actually do know what they're talking about and heed good advice.

I am so impressed with the ELOQUII brand. Not only for their quality of clothing, but the fact that they welcomed me to their office and spent the time with me as a blogger and customer. That is what brands should be about- making connections and providing high quality products. After this amazing treatment from the ELOQUII team- Diana, Melissa, Christina, Jodi, and Lizzie- I will forever be a ELOQUII customer, and I hope you will look at the brand too, if you aren't already a fan.

Stay tuned for more info about the ELOQUII concept store opening in Pentagon City mall this spring- including an event I'm hosting with them the evening of April 6. Consider this your Save the Date and mark it on your calendar now!


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