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2 Bloggers | 1 Brand | Blake Porter Studio

Its with much excitement that I introduce you all to the new plus line from Blake Porter Studio that launched yesterday. Blake Porter Studio is a local brand geared at professional women with personality. I had been following the brand for some time, so when Rae, the owner of Blake Porter, reached out to me to participate in a collaboration for the launch, I was super excited.

The vision behind this collaboration was "2 Bloggers, 1 Brand," and included myself and Jen of Comme Coco, another fellow DC blogger focused on body positivity. Rae provided us pieces of the new line to style with our own personal flair and we took to the National Gallery of Art to shoot and film the concept. Jen and I decided to match items and went with the Royal Blue Velvet Bodysuit as the focus of the first look, and the pink Pleated Long Maxi Skirt as the focus of the second look.

For the first look, featuring the Royal Blue Velvet Bodysuit, Jen paired the bodysuit with jeans, a moto, and vibrant heels with fishnets for an edgy look. I went with my CEO Zophia skirt (also a DC brand), a faux fur bomber, and sparkly booties for a glam look.

For the second look, featuring the Pleated Long Maxi Skirt, I wore it with a Blake Porter Sheer Bodysuit, topped with my DIY BITD Leather jacket and leopard heels to harden up the softness of the skirt. Jen went for a feminine look and wore the skirt as a dress (who doesn't love a 2-in-1?), with a floral bomber and fun ankle strap heels that pulled the look together.

My favorite thing about collaborations is meeting and working with new people. Although I had heard of Jen and her blog, Comme Coco, this was the first time we ever met and I'm lucky we not only got to finally meet, but work together too. Rae of Blake Porter was amazing- her passion for her brand and her vision of taking her brand to the next level by offering plus sizes is highly respected by me. The photographer, Marc J Photography was seriously on point, fun to work with, and I am so impressed with the final pictures and visual. And, finally, I must credit my good friend and makeup artist, Will Leonard Allen, for arriving at the crack of dawn at my apartment to make my face presentable for this shoot. He even accompanied me to the shoot and did some on-the-go touch ups for Jen and I.

Jen, Rae, and I

To shop these Blake Porter Studio items, head to the website and see the other awesome apparel, too!


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