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Come On Barbie Let's Go Party

To accompany my Bubbles & Bloggers Barbie themed March brunch post, today's post is dedicated to Barbie style!

I know, I know- call me crazy, but if there's one thing I learned from the Bubbles & Blogger's Barbie brunch, its that dressing up inspired by Barbie is really fun!

The theme was requested by Caroline, and I was so excited because this meant I could finally wear my Barbie shirt I scored at Target like 8 years ago. After brunch, I realized- why did I only think I could wear my Barbie shirt for a themed event? The shirt is fun, cute, and a conversation starter, so why should I be holding out on wearing it? I shouldn't! The thing about style, is- if you like it and it fits with who you are- wear it! Often times we forget this or are too afraid to wear something for the fear of looking "outdated" or that you can't "pull it off", but I'm telling you now- if you feel good in it, it'll shine through.

This inspired me to compile some fun Barbie style picks. I had so much fun seeing everyone's outfits and takes on Barbie at the brunch, that I decided I need some more Barbie-esque items in my closet! To get inspired and shop some Barbie themed items for yourself, I have curated a list of fun and fab style picks that will definitely scream "Barbie" when worn!

Barbie Style Picks:

My Barbie Brunch Outfit Details:

Barbie Shirt (similar) | Pink Skirt | Choker (similar) | Poodle Earrings (similar) | Booties | Jacket | Backpack (similar) | Sunnies |

Photos by Caroline


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