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Erin Condren LifePlanner™

I'm definitely a planner. While I like to fly by the seat of my pants sometimes, I highly prefer being organized (at least somewhat, lol) and have things planned out. To help me plan, I like to have a planner with detailed month and weekly views to help me visually see what my upcoming month(s) are looking like.

I recently received a gifted Erin Condren LifePlanner™ from the brand, in addition to a invite to meet the team, see of more of the EC line, and mingle with other bloggers over drinks and appetizers at Due South. I had never used the EC LifePlanner™ before, but I knew from looking online I'd love it. To start things off, I received the LifePlanner™ with a specially personalized cover just for me- the style was determined by a quick quiz I took and I got to choose if I wanted my full name or initials on the cover. When the planner arrived I LOVED the cover that was picked for me and think it captures my style perfectly- I was really impressed! The covers are also interchangeable, so if I ever want a fresh new look for my planner, I can order another one.

I received the planner with a number of accessories to go with it- markers (with both a thick and thin tip!-so cool!), calendar stickers, post notes, and more. I was surprised with the array of accessories that can accompany the planners, based on what you like to include for your planner. I started to write in dates immediately with the cool dual-tip markers and busted out the stickers to add some fun to the dates. Thats what I think I love most about the planner- its fun to look at and brings me happiness. I know that sounds so lame (haha), but its true! Its so much better to look at something flashy and fun than something plain (at least, in my eyes it is!).

Included in the LifePlanner™ is a monthly calendar view, as well as a detailed weekly view. You can pick your weekly view from vertical, horizontal, or hourly. I opted for the vertical weekly layout in mine and it provides TONS of space and is broken out so I can schedule things in an organized fashion. I use the weekly calendar break-outs for events, blog posts, and personal obligations. This planner seriously covers all of my planning needs and has made my life so much easier. It even has motivational sayings throughout, which definitely help to read when things are tough or stressful- I really like that added touch. It's also the perfect size and I can carry it with me as I'm on the go.

But the Erin Condren line doesn't stop at the LifePlanner™! The brand also has home goods- can we talk about their throws, pillows, and prints? OMG. I die over all the cuteness. The planners range from the life series, to teachers planners, wedding planners, and academic planners. There is also stationary, school & office supplies, and gifts- even wine totes!

To see more of the Erin Condren products, visit the website here. Added bonus: EC is offering 15% any item now through July 31, 2017! Use the code: GETSOCIAL15 at checkout!

This post was sponsored by Erin Condren. All thoughts and words are my own personal opinion of the brand.


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