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Makeup Monday: Oval Toothbrush Makeup Set

Today for Makeup Monday I'm dishing about an important necessity for makeup- brushes.

I always am on the hunt for good makeup brushes. A good makeup brush can completely change the way your makeup looks and has a huge difference on application. I have been intrigued by the toothbrush brushes that I've (and you've probably seen too) all over Instagram makeup videos.

I bought a cheap one at TJ Maxx to see what the fuss was about. I LOVED IT and wanted more. Lucky for me, this was at the same time that Little Red Gift reached out to me to test out their full set of Oval Toothbrush Makeup brushes. This was such a score!

The brushes come in a set of 10 and range in all sizes. I loved the range of brushes and have had such a good time testing them out and figuring out what brushes are best for certain parts of the face. The best thing about these brushes- other than the cost- is the simplicity and the control I feel I have when using them. With these, I feel much less apt to mess up an application and the smoothness of the brush makes the makeup legit go on like silk. I can also reach smaller areas- like the inner corner of my eye- whereas before I had to use my fingers since I didn't have brushes that were 1- small enough, or 2- able to blend makeup this well. The packaging is also amazing and I like that I can keep the brushes all together and in their box when not in use.

These brushes are hands down amazing and have legit changed my makeup life.

Above images from Little Red Gift.

To purchase one for yourself- which I highly recommend you do- head to the Little Red Gift shop on Amazon. And for an added bonus, use the code: 20GIVEME for 20% off your order, making the total $17.90- an absolute steal! Plus, its Prime eligible!

Thank you Little Red Gift for gifting me the set to test out.

Rose box from Magic Moments USA- but more on that later!


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