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The Positano Diaries- Entry 1: The Dream

Lately I have been thinking nonstop about Italy. I recently purchased a book, Desiring Italy, which features women writer's experiences in the beautiful country, and I can't wait to start reading it. Its been almost a year since my last big trip, and I'm feeling the travel itch big time. Italy keeps calling me in my thoughts and daydreams, so today I'm resharing one of my favorite blog posts I've ever written- The Positano Dream.

Original post date: April 12, 2016

Positano, Italy is a place I have always dreamed of. The blue waters and colorful houses lining the Italian cliffs is something of a dream or movie that I always thought of as a past memory, although I had never been. For years I would google search images of Positano and daydream of the vintage images and its vibrant luster and brilliant backdrop as an ocean side village. The romanticism of this gorgeous destination allured me for many years, and after planning my husband, David, and I's (very long overdue) honeymoon, I added it to our list of places to go, as I had to experience this destination with my soulmate firsthand.

Positano | Blonde in the District

My thoughts and expectations of Positano were high, but I never imagined this town would affect my life in the way it did. I was expecting a dream, and a dream is exactly what I got. Like a vivid dream, I remember every single step we took in Positano, sometimes thinking "did that really happen?" as if I had just awoken from a deep sleep because the memories are much too perfect for normal life. Memories of laughing, pouring wine, stray cats, and love flood my mind when I think of Italy and the honeymoon my husband and I shared. It was like a dream of everything I love in one place over the span of a few days.

Some of the Positano walkways and infamous stairs:

We spent our days wandering the town which we had all to ourselves for the off-season. At first glance off-season may come as a disappointment, as the locals will tell you there is nothing to do; many hotels, restaurants, and shops are closed; and boating excursions are rarely offered. But to us, this came as a gift. The town was ours to explore fully, void of the masses, crowds, and heat that come with the summer months. Positano was our oyster for a few days and we did not have to share it with anyone but each other. We fell into vacation mode quickly as we had nowhere to be at any certain time and we went where the wind took us. We would get lost in the maze of village walkways that are chiseled into the cliffs and hold character and secrecy upon every step. The maze leads to homes with canopy flowers and large entrance doors in between the steep steps and turns of the walkways. I was mesmerized that these paths held so much that is unseen to the eye from the main road, Viale Pasitea, and it was like stepping into another universe. At times it felt like time stood still during our adventures through Positano. Just my husband and I, together, in the quiet unparalleled town with no one in sight.

I cannot express how special the feeling is- to just be, with time standing still and no worry or care in the world. I have never felt that feeling before as I did in the deserted streets and beaches of Positano. There was no rush for anything, we lived truly carefree and that is an experience that we (especially Americans), do not take advantage of. Walking the Viale Pasitea, walkways, and beaches, I was able to let wonder and creativity into my mind and truly be moved by a destination. The architecture with vibrant whites and yellows and blues flooded my senses at every look. I stopped to appreciate each and every ceramic tile we came across; I obsessed over all the stray cats and would steal bread from our breakfast buffet to feed to them; I gawked at the gorgeous homes; peered into private gardens to see the flowers and lemons; and looked out across the sea every chance I could get, snapping a mental image for my memory as I did not want to forget a single minute of the journey.

Our days consisted of wonder, exploring, pizza and pasta, wine, more exploring, and more pasta and wine. Even with the smaller selection of restaurants and shops, we made our rounds and visited a few places more than once, making us repeat customers and the staff would welcome us back as if we had known each other for years. We made friends with our hotel staff who joked with us and would share their stash of fresh baked pastries for the breakfast buffet with us when we came in later at night. We made friends with the wine sommelier at the wine bar next to our hotel who I still communicate with on Facebook and she introduced us to amazing wine I never would have tried. The woman who ran the convenience store near our hotel got to know us by name from our daily visits to her shop. We were treated like we were one of the neighbors in being one of the few tourists in town, which added to the experience and I must say, the Italians have loads of charm and are beautiful people.

I recount this adventure with all of you as a means to inspire travel and wanderlust. I think and dream about Positano daily and cherish every memory made while there. This trip truly changed my perspective on life and gifted me with experiences and memories that will last forever. If there is a certain place that calls to you for travel- GO. Make it happen and enjoy every single minute of your time there. We do not know what life has in store for us, and sometimes the futures we envision for ourselves change or never come. We owe it to ourselves to live the best life, and as it is said, "We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

Due to the overwhelming content I have to share from Positano, I will be posting additional entries separately. Stay tuned for The Positano Diaries- Entry 2: The Food; Entry 3: The Coast; Entry 4: The Cats; Entry 5: The Accommodations.


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