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Wedding Guest Chic

As we approach wedding season for the spring and summer months, there is one thing we always have to ask ourselves when attending a wedding- what am I going to wear?! I recently attended a wedding, with the request of semiformal, and had the idea to write up a cheat-sheet of sorts, based on wedding attire request. If theres one thing I take serious, its the requested attire for weddings. I've been a bride, so I know the drill. No matter the attire request, I always keep in mind its better to be over dressed than under dressed- which is a personal mantra of mine. Dressing in code with the attire request of any event is good practice and its a form of respect to the host.

I picked this ELOQUII dress to wear to the wedding, in line with semiformal attire!

Below I have listed four common wedding attire themes, with ideas on what to wear for each category!

Casual or Beach: don't let"casual" fool you- you don't want to be too casual, because thats just in poor taste, but you don't want to be over the top either. For a more casual outdoor or beach wedding, I personally would opt for a maxi dress. With a maxi, you still look on the dressier side of 'casual' and can wear sandals or wedges for comfort in a more casual setting.

Cocktail: for a cocktail attire wedding, you'll want to wear a short dress (but not too short!). I'd opt for jewel or pastel tones or a fun print. If dresses aren't your thing, you can also rock a jumpsuit for a different, yet stylish look!

Semiformal: opt for an embellished dress or fancier cocktail dress. Although some people argue black is not appropriate for weddings, I completely disagree- a LBD is always appropriate and timeless.

Formal: A long gown is always appropriate for a formal wedding. You can get away with a very dressy cocktail dress, but I'd recommend always wearing a long gown for a formal wedding. Plus, its an excuse to wear a gown!

Stay away from:

-Anything too short, too low, or too tight. This is a wedding, not a night out on the town.

-Cut-out dresses can be done, but make sure its tasteful.

-WHITE. I don't care what anyone says, never, ever, think its appropriate to wear all white to a wedding, unless its requested by the bride.

-Leopard, cheetah, snake, zebra prints- unless the print is classy, otherwise it can come off trashy. Trust me, I love leopard print, but I still leave it at home for weddings. Stick to wearing these prints in your purse/clutch or shoes.

My semiformal wedding look:


Blonde in the District


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