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Fab Friday: Magic Moments USA

My FAB Friday entries are dedicated for fabulous things, and that is just what Magic Moments USA is. Magic Moments USA is a European-based floral company that specializes in luxury rose boxes that are absolutely gorgeous and fabulous. They have recently moved to the US market, and I am honored to be working with the company as a partner as they reach this new market.

I met Ella, the owner of Magic Moments, by way of social media and I was flattered when she emailed me that she had been a long time reader of my blog. I was so excited, and happy, to learn about her company and luxury rose boxes. We met over coffee one afternoon and when she walked into the cafe with a luxury preserved rose box in hand, I was in complete awe. The roses were absolutely stunning and I couldn't take my eye off of them. Ella made an arrangement specially for me, and used the colors black, hot pink, and blush pink, based on my style. I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen a black rose (if ever?) and I was so enthralled with its unique and beautiful look. The presentation of the box is just stunning and when Ella handed me the rose box and Italian chocolates that come with the box I felt like I was being handed flowers during a Miss America pageant!

The luxury rose boxes are always hand delivered to the recipient, which is such a special touch. One thing I personally have been seeing a trend with, is long lasting florals. I completely am in support of this, because I think its so much nicer to receive a gorgeous rose arrangement that will last you 2 years, rather than the flowers wilting and dying in a week! Yes, you heard that right- 2 years! The preserved roses from Magic Moments are essentially baked, extending the life of the flowers. The roses do not smell, but I'll take a preserved rose that lasts 2 years that I can admire over a fresh rose that will die in a week any day.

The Luxury Rose Collections come in varying sizes- small, medium, and large, and can be customized based on your color preferences. All boxes are served with luxury Italian chocolates (that are amazing, by the way! I had to pace myself to not eat them all in one sitting, lol), and are hand delivered, making the recipient feel special. Or, like Miss America, as I felt (lol! I'm not even joking about this!). There are also collections you can chose from online, and the arrangements are all gorgeous. There is the option to chose from natural, or preserved as well.

I love, love, love, my preserved roses from Magic Moments. Not only do they make me happy when I look at them, they have added a level of beauty to my home. After seeing the Magic Moments experience, I will never look at flower delivery the same way. If for a gift for someone else, or even a gift to yourself, I recommend looking to Magic Moments. Not only will you be giving a unique, long-lasting gift, but you will also brighten their day.

Speaking of gifts, Magic Moments is going to be gifting a luxury rose box for one lucky reader, for Mothers Day! To enter, head to my Instagram page with the image of myself and my luxury rose box, and follow the rules to enter!

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