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The Positano Diaries- Entry 4: Amalfi & Atrani

Original post date: April 19, 2016

Positano is part of the famed area of southern Italy known as The Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast encompasses 13 different towns along the coast and is known for the beautiful coastline views and limoncello. While in Positano, our new friend and wine sommelier, Leyla, recommended we take a day trip to Ravello by way of Amalfi. Since we had walked the town of Positano pretty much in full, we decided to take the day trip to Amalfi. The transportation to Amalfi is simple- there is a bus that stops every one to two hours and the cost is only about 6 euros each way. Of course the bus lines were on strike the day we wanted to go, so we waited two hours for the bus to come, almost turning around and saying "forget it." We decided to wait it out, since it was our last day there and we did not know when we would be back.

When the bus finally arrived we hopped on, not knowing what was in store for us. The views of the bus ride alone are worth the trip- seriously. I was mesmerized by the cliffs diving into the blue waters and homes and hotels built into the hills- it was like nothing I have ever seen before. I spent the whole time with my face pressed against the window, constantly snapping pics with my phone while my husband was on edge from the bus drivers crazy turns and speeding along the winding, hilly roads. I was in my own world, fantasizing about the scenery, even though there were times we got very jostled around from a sharp turn or quick stop. A group of students boarded the bus at one of the stops and jokingly prayed and made the sign of the cross with hand gestures, which made me laugh. I guess the bus drivers all are crazy drivers, but hey- that's all part of the experience!

Once we arrived in Amalfi, which only took about 30-45 minutes, we had to be cautious of the bus times back to Positano, since the bus lines were not running as normal from the strike. In looking for times, we discovered we had just missed the bus to Ravello, and we only had 4 hours until the last bus departed for Positano for the day. We took it as a sign that we should explore Amalfi and started to walk to the neighboring town Atrani, which was a short 15-20 minute walk. The small village of Atrani made me feel as if we had stepped back in time. The view of the village from the main road reminded me of the castle in The Little Mermaid and its setting among the blue waters made my heart skip a beat. The town was small, but busy with locals walking around and sitting outside cafes enjoying coffee and food. There were absolutely no other tourists in sight, and after walking the small town square and the beach, I felt like we had been gifted this secret location right outside of Amalfi that no other tourists had found.

After walking through Atrani, we walked back to Amalfi for a late lunch and decided on a restaurant called Marina Grande as it was right on the beach. Our experience here was exceptional. The service was fantastic, the food even better, and the views were unforgettable. We sat at the table with the perfect view of the beach and sea. Our food was so good that I still remember exactly how it tasted. Our waiter was friendly and made us feel at home, and the owner was walking through the restaurant greeting guests. I overheard him talking to an older couple at the table behind us and it sounded as if they became family friends from coming to the restaurant year after year on vacation. The whole atmosphere left me with such a positive experience that I will certainly return to Marina Grande on our next trip to the Amalfi Coast.

With only a small amount of time left before our bus departed, we walked around Amalfi past the cathedral, shops, and restaurants. The main square was buzzing with people which made for great people watching over gelato. As it was getting later in the day, the crowds started to get smaller and smaller, telling me it was our time to board the bus. I wish we had been granted more time to explore Amalfi and make it to Ravello, but I am still grateful we had the time there that we did. When visiting Positano, definitely take a day to explore the other towns of the Amalfi Coast. As I said before, the views on the coastline from town to town are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.


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