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Paris Travel Diaries: The Parisian Dream

This past Memorial Day I spent my weekend thinking of my memories from last year in Paris, and I felt compelled to re-share one of my favorite travel posts I've written, The Parisian Dream.

Original Post Date: June 6, 2017

Paris is one of those places that little girls dream of. I still recall the excitement of my mom when we booked our first ever trip to Paris in May 2000, for Memorial Day. At the time, my mom was already sick with cancer and it was one of her last wishes to go to Paris. The saying that "You always remember your first trip to Paris," is true. I remember it vividly, 17 years later. I still remember what I wore, places we ate, things we did, and the enchantment of Paris perfectly. I also remember my second and third trip to an exact, and now, I will forever remember my fourth trip that was just as magical as the first.

Katie Donnelly Photography | Blonde in the District | Paris

Preview from my ELOQUII photo shoot in Paris with Katie Donnelly Photography, coming soon to BITD.

When David and I went to Paris in November 2015, it was a wonderful trip, but I had planned so much for us, we barely had down time and we were going from place to place with a packed schedule. It was still a dream, but we spent most of our time doing touristy things like walking tours, and a day trip to Versailles- which is all a must do, but since we had already done these things, this trip was meant for pure relaxation. No where to be at any time. Which, was much needed for both my husband and I.

We tried to experience Paris as Parisians do. We wandered the streets, got lost in Montmarte among the streets Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet once walked, people watched while sipping coffee and eating charcuterie plates in sidewalk cafes. We partied in the Latin Quarter, we met new people, and met old friends at a restaurant we went to on our trip in 2015- and they remembered us (after we showed them a photo)! We shopped at Galeries Lafayette and took in the gorgeous views from the rooftop. We ate crepes. We drank <lots> of wine and Parisian beer. We strolled the streets without a care in the world and learned the meaning of living life easy, like the Parisians do. We struggled with our French, but made it through. We admired the gorgeous architecture and laughed at the fact that it was 90 degrees and not many places have A/C- just our luck! But, we didn't let that stop us from having fun. We enjoyed each others company, disconnected from the world at home.

This trip was truly what I needed to appreciate life. It reminded me that sometimes we need to disconnect and slow down. Take a break from work, breathe in the fresh air, sit and have a glass of wine, and appreciate the fact that there are places in the world as beautiful as Paris.

Paris will always hold a special place in my heart, and its been on my mind nonstop. I have daydreamed about this destination every day since being home. Paris to me is like a great love that I can never get over- constantly thinking of them, trying to figure out how to see them next, reflecting on our time together, all while pulling at my heartstrings. The thought of Paris brings me life. It gives me energy and ambition, as I strive now to live like a Parisian. Paris is beauty. It is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen and I try to find this beauty in other things, but nothing is as beautiful as Paris. Paris is chic. Paris knows how to dress, accessorize, and decorate like no other, setting the trend for fashion and décor around the entire world. Paris is charming. Its charm lies within cafes and patisseries and people watching, and the pure magic it makes me feel, as it sits like a charm or locket, tied to my heart.


Blonde in the District


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