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Paris Travel Diaries: Montmartre

One of my favorite things about Paris, as you may have read in The Parisian Dream post, is simply wandering the streets. Getting lost in this gorgeous mecca of culture and history seriously makes my heart soar. I could stare at the Paris architecture all day. The tall windows with shutters and marvelous entrances sing a song of wonder and charm to my soul. While walking the streets of Paris, I daydreamed of living in the buildings, of staring out onto the view of the city from my terrance, and even imagined my cat, Chloe, perched in the windowsill. How perfect for Paris.

Paris Basilica Sacre-Coeur Montmartre

Sacré-Cœur atop Montmartre

My heart was especially happy in the Montmartre area of Paris. I had never been to this part of of the city before, and after researching Paris on Instagram before this trip, I knew we had to go. Montmartre is the hilly town surrounding the Sacré-Cœur, sitting high atop Paris. This area was favored by famous artists such as Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and Salvador Dali, who had studios or worked in the area. Today, the art is still very much alive and is one reason Montmartre left such an impression on me.

My husband and I didn't make any plans for Montmartre. I had some street art I wanted to find, but other than that, we were there to explore. We started off by Ubering from our hotel to the top of Montmartre to have lunch before our day- which wasn't planned in advance, but by chance as I picked a random place on google maps as a landmark to tell our Uber. Now, knowing how steep the hills are there- I'd totally recommend doing the same and Ubering to the top and walking down, as we did. We started our exploration with crepes and then hit the streets in search of whatever fed our souls. To me, it was the art and architecture.

The street art in Montmartre was incredible. As we walked the streets I had my eyes peeled and searched all around for the art. The reason I love street art so much, is the passion and creativity that goes into it. Artists have a message that wants to be heard, and they are bold enough to spread their message and their art along the street for everyone to see. I absolutely love it. So, I was in complete and utter happiness here, where the art was rich. My favorite art was a black cat, that could be easily missed if you weren't looking, on the bottom corner of a wall. Of course it made me think of Chloe, so this one was my fave. Following shortly behind, was a picture of the famous artwork "Girl With Pearl Earring" with Gwen Stefani's "Ain't No Holla Back Girl" lyrics plastered over it. Pure genius, and pure humor.

As we walked down the many steps making our way to the bottom of the town, we admired the architecture, and I browsed the shops and art galleries. My favorite art gallery was Paul Art & Design on Rue Berthe. His studio was filled with whimsical and fun designs with women, animals, and even cacti as the main focus. I bought a signed print from the gallery to remember the art of Montmartre daily and to give me inspiration at home. As we came to the bottom of town, the vibe shifted to a more city feel, as up in the hills of Montmartre you feel as if you are hovering over the rest of the city on a cloud. For me, this cloud was filled with wonder and happiness, and I look forward to the day I can spend more time exploring this art filled town.

My Montmartre Outfit Details: Bodysuit | Skirt | Kitty Purse- purse and flap | Flats | Sunnies- similar |


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