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Hair It List

Alright. I've given you all the backstory of my "hair journey," so now its time to get into the thick of it and share with you some of my fave newly discovered hair products. Thanks to Illusions of Georgetown, I have been introduced to some awesome products that I had never used before. These products have become part of my haircare ritual, and today I'm sharing them with you.

Its amazing how much you learn about hair by spending lots of time in a salon. Since I have been spending lots of time at Illusions for my hair journey, I've been privy to learning salon tricks of the trade and details on haircare. I've learned more about haircare in the past 6 months than I've known ever before, and I have to applaud the Illusions team for educating me on how to take care of my hair. My hair is fuller and much healthier since I have been actively using these products and truly taking care of my hair.

Thank you to Illusions, for helping me to curate my hair regime, with these fave products:

Fave Shampoo & Conditioner: J Beverly Hills Platinum Purity and Reconditioner

This shampoo and conditioner duo has become hands down my favorite of all time. I have been using it since January, and for 1- its reconstructive and sulfate-free and makes my hair look amazing, and 2- I'm still on the same bottles from January. Can you believe that? I normally go through shampoo fast so that fact this has lasted me 6 months is great. The shampoo rejuvenates tired hair, improves elasticity, and replenishes and rebuilds. The conditioner smooths and strengthens the hair, replenishes and rebuilds, and restores natural vibrancy in hair. I have noticed a HUGE difference in the health of my hair since using this duo religiously since January. An added bonus- it smells really good!

Fave Color Shampoo: KMS Color Vitality Blonde Shampoo

It is important for color-treated hair, especially blonde color treated hair, to use a color shampoo once a week to promote vibrancy. I have been using the KMS Color Vitality once a week and when I use it I see a difference in my color. This shampoo helps maintain color 3 times longer, helps to seal and preserve color, and restore radiance. I have found if my blonde starts to look a bit yellow, I use this color shampoo and it helps cut the yellow tints. I use this once a week, and follow with the J Beverly Hills Platinum Reconditioner.

Fave Heat Protectant: KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Spray

This stuff is seriously the ish for straight hair. This spray is a heat protectant that helps to shape the hair for hot tools. Its almost like a hair spray that is used while your hair is wet, and I completely see a difference when I use it and curl my hair. I've noticed my curls last an additional day, after using this product. To use, I spray it into my hair when its damp and then dry and curl my hair. I have also used this by spraying into dry hair, piece by piece and letting it dry, before curling my hair and that works wonders! When I recently went to Paris, I used this technique and my curls lasted 3 days, with small touch ups here and there!

Fave Dry Shampoo: Goldwell Kerasilk Gentle Dry Shampoo

It wasn't until I started seeing Illusions that I really learned the importance of dry shampoo. Before, I would wash my hair daily or every other day, which isn't ideal for your hair. I have used a number of different dry shampoos over the past months, but I am most addicted to the Goldwell Kerasilk Dry Shampoo. The application goes on the root dry, but then turns to an almost liquid-like texture when you work it into the roots. I really like its application as I feel like my hair has been replenished, without the need of actually shampooing my hair! It also protects color from fading, promotes shine, and has a great floral scent. To use, I spray it generously into my roots and the crown of my head and massage it into my scalp.

Fave Hairspray: Goldwell Big Volume Hairspray

This stuff is no joke! Not only does it give my hair serious staying power, but it also adds volume! I'm normally not one to like hairspray since its sometimes too harsh for my sensitive hair, but this product gives hold without the stiff feeling of most hairsprays. I also dig the extra volume is gives, making my hair look even better, especially with curls!

All products available at Illusions of Georgetown.


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