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Keep on "Killin' It"

Recently I had a hard time over a social media post that I uploaded to Instagram over the weekend. The post was to promote an online boutique that I partner with, Luxe Statements, and I was wearing a shirt from the boutique that reads "Killin' It." I love the shirt, because I used the term "Killin' It" a lot, but I quoted a Kanye West lyric (my fave thing to do is match up Kanye lyrics with my Instagram posts), that could come off arrogant, or conceded.

Blonde in the District | Luxe Statements

I knew it could come off as such, and I made mention in the post caption, apologizing for the lyric. The comments in response were all uplifting and it made me feel better and realize that I am too hard on myself, and don't give myself enough credit. Giving myself credit or accolades has always been hard for me to do. Instead of saying "wow, you're doing a great job," I tell myself "work harder," and "yea, that was good, but next time it needs to be better," which is common for a lot of people. Today, I want to tell you all, that its OK to be proud of your work, and that you SHOULD realize your own accomplishments.

I realized this as I made the final touches on my recently redesigned Media Kit over the weekend. If you don't know what that is, a Media Kit is what bloggers use when collaborating with brands. It contains information about themselves, the blog, site views and demographics, social media stats, collaborations and features with other brands, and ultimately- rates. When I was writing my kit, I had a hard time at first. I had a hard time listing out what I've accomplished and what I could add that would make me more attractive to work with from a brands perspective. I downplayed a lot of my facts at first. I used verbiage that wasn't reflecting all the hard work I've put into this blog the past 2.5 years and showing the growth that has come with it. It was at this point- when I realized I have come a long way, and I do have lots to be proud of, that I started to change my perspective. I have grown as a blogger, and I'm a heck of a lot better since I started my blog.

Instead of thinking, "Oh, my site only got (random number) of views this month, I need to do better," I should be saying,"Wow, I'm so fortunate people are actually visiting and reading my website." You know, life is all about perspective. If you are positive, and you keep an open and happy outlook on life, other things will flourish in the happiness and positivity. If you are negative and always doubting or second guessing yourself, you are putting up a wall to that positivity. Measure your success- be it at work or in personal hobbies, and reflect on where you started and how far you have come. Think of times when you wanted to give up, but kept going. Remember experiences that made you mad, but gave you valuable lessons and prepared you for future experiences. Give yourself kudos for all of it, and let it inspire you to keep 'Killin' It' and lead yourself to more successes.

If we don't believe in ourselves, no one else will. May you each find it within yourself to applaud your accomplishments and continue to 'kill it' in your career or hobby. If you need some additional support, I recommend turning on some Kanye West jams, as his music always inspires me to see my own success.

Keep on "Killing' It," friends.

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