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Feeling <Red> Hot in ELOQUII

Red. Its the color of strength, love, and boldness. In a way to break out of my #allblackeverything normal attire, I have been embracing more color this season, and red has easily become my favorite color to wear. Red just exudes confidence and demands attention, and it looks great on most skin tones.

ELOQUII | Blonde in the District

Since ELOQUII has come into my style life, my personal style has done a complete 180. Thanks to this brand, I am able to shop more freely finding bold colors and patterns in flattering shapes for my silhouette. I used to wear so much black, as unfortunately there are not as many options for women size 14 and above, and what is available when it comes to prints and bold colors look cheap, outdated, and are unflattering. ELOQUII has set standards for the curve community and I commend them on providing women with options.

I now have more print and color in my closet than I ever have before, and I adore rocking my ELOQUII red pieces. Right now I own 5 different ELOQUII dresses in the bold shade of red (one is technically a romper, not a dress, but you catch the drift), and I am dying for more! I noticed red is a popular color in their clothing right now, with many options for the hue, so I decided to do a round up of my fave red ELOQUII pieces, as well as tips on rocking your red!

Fave ELOQUII Reds:

Blonde in the District Tips on Wearing Red:

1. Since red is already a bold color, you can either pair it with neutrals, like white, beige, tan, or black for a more subdued look, or you can go all out and pair it with other bold colors and accessories! For my look, I decided to go all out and pair it with other bold statement pieces, but at work, for instance, I would choose to wear red with neutrals.

2. Match it up with red lipstick! I absolutely adore how classically beautiful a red dress and red lips looks together. It makes me feel so retro glam!

3. Red looks good pretty much all skin tones. Think you're too pale for red? Think again. I am super fair skinned (although I used to be Snooki tan.....I'll post pics one day for a throwback Thursday), but I love how red pops against my lighter complexion. I find red to be gorgeous on fair, tan, or darker complexions, so throw caution to the wind and try wearing red- no matter your skin tone! Unless of course, you have a bad sunburn. In that case, refrain from red, you don't need to exaggerate the fact that you look like a lobster.

4. This also goes for hair! All shades of hair look great with red, too! I especially love when red heads wear red!

5. The one red clothing item I don't love? Red pants. If you decide to wear red pants or shorts, please, please refrain from wearing a black top. This makes me think of Mickey Mouse every time. LOL. When wearing red pants or shorts, I recommend opting for a white or navy striped top in its place.

Outfit details: Dress | Clutch | Sunnies | Block Sandals |

Plus, some additional options of fun accessories to wear with red:


Blonde in the District


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