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#XOQ Camo Style Challenge

I was recently asked to be a part of an ELOQUII #XOQ Style Challenge that was published over the weekend on the ELOQUII blog! The challenge was to style a pair of ELOQUII Camo Cigarette Pants and featured four other style bloggers. The camo pants are one of the seasons best sellers, and ELOQUII wanted to show how versatile the pants really are.

Blonde in the District | ELOQUII

A lot of times with style, we see something and think, "I don't even know what I'd wear that with," - trust me, it happens to me, too. Luckily, I have recently gotten more daring with my personal style, and now I take this question as a challenge. I actually like to style hard or tricky items, like these camo pants, because I find it more interesting instead of wearing something safe. With style, I am all up for trying almost anything (socks and heels will never be acceptable in my book), so when asked to style the camo pants, my mind started racing for ideas. The camo print actually wasn't the most 'tricky'part of styling this outfit for me. It was the fact they were pants! I am in dresses and skirts 95% of the time, as pants aren't as flattering on me normally. The camo print was the least of my worries, as I literally lived in a camo print jacket this fall and spring. But, to me, a jacket is much easier to style than pants.

I decided to stick with a bodysuit when styling the pants, as I like bodysuits and the way they look on my shape. Since I prefer to wear form-fitting clothing, I picked something I already knew that worked for my shape, making the rest of the styling easy- a trick I use for hard to style items (read more below!). When taking a risk- be it on a print or on a style of clothing you don't normally wear, pairing it with a go-to item greatly helps with making a look work!

Blonde in the District | ELOQUII

ELOQUII asked us two questions as part of the challenge- how we styled the pants, and what advice do we have for styling a tricky item.

Below are my responses:

How did you style (the ELOQUII) Camo Cigarette Pant?

I styled the Camo Cigarette Pants with a Gold Bodysuit, Embroidered Slide Sandals, Floral Applique Crossbody Bag, Ring Choker Necklace, and Sunglasses all from ELOQUII. I call my personal style classic and glamorous with a street style twist, so this look was exciting for me to put together as it checked all boxes. I paired the street style vibe of the pants and choker with this glam gold body suit and retro sunglasses to dress up the pants. I added the bag and shoes that both have floral details to soften the look and add a classic and feminine feel.

What’s your #1 piece of advice when styling a tricky/stand-out item?

My #1 piece of advice is to pair the tricky item with something you know already works on you. For instance, with this look, I love bodysuits and feel confident in them, so I decided a bodysuit would be my best option with the camo pants. Pair the tricky item with other silhouettes or colors you love to wear, and the rest of styling will come easy!

To see the other ways the camo pants were worn, check out the blog post here.

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