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Just Keep Swimming

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Swimsuits Direct, an online store dedicated to all things swimwear.

They carry swimwear for women, men, and children, and have a great variety of brands and styles.

My partnership with the brand gave me the opportunity to try out two of their latest swimsuits, both by the Raisins Curve brand. This also gave me the opportunity to spread some body confidence by photographing in swimsuits for my blog. Other than jeans, swimsuits are the most hated thing to shop for (in my opinion), and I know there is a lot of anxiety that comes with swimwear. Do I look ok? Is that person staring at my cellulite? Should I not be wearing this?- these are all thoughts that I've had run through my head while wearing a swimsuit before. I get it, it can be daunting and overwhelming, and make us want to hide behind a coverup. Its taken me a good amount of time, but I finally have enough respect and love for myself, that I don't even give these thoughts any time. If someone is going to judge me for having cellulite on my thighs then BYE FELICIA, I don't want to know you anyways. If someone is going to look at me and say "she shouldn't be wearing that," then again, BYE FELICIA, I don't need you in my life. Many times people look at others with such judgement because they have their own internal issues they are working through. That, or they are just plain mean. Don't ever let someone make you think less of yourself. Life is too short to be scared to show up at a pool or beach in a bathing suit. We have a month of summer left, so show up and show out at the pool, no matter your size or shape, and simply be you.

I know this can sometimes be easier said than done, but let me tell you, its totally possible. Here are a few tips to help when shopping for a swimsuit or attending a pool or beach party that will make you look, and feel your best:

1. Thankfully we have lots and lots of swimwear options now. Look for styles that will be flattering on your specific shape. Go with what looks best on you, not just what is trendy. Knowing a suit looks good on you will greatly help in your confidence while wearing it, over wearing a trendy style that you may feel uncomfortable in.

2. Look for killer accessories like fun earrings, a hat/hair turban/scarf, or a fabulous kimono to compliment the suit. I always feel better when I'm overdressed. If this isn't your thing, a fun beach tote or cute towel can still do the trick.

3. Lining is key. Theres nothing worse than getting in the water to see your suit is poorly lined- not to mention embarrassing. Invest in suits that have proper coverage, so you never have to worry and are always comfortable waterside.

4. Don't hesitate to size up. I almost always have to go up a size with swimsuits. Don't let this affect your mood- I've come to learn this is a standard when I shop for swimsuits.

5. Get a little dolled up. Do your hair in an awesome braid or updo. Wear a bright lipstick, or fun waterproof blue eyeliner. When you look good, you feel good, and that totally shows!

So, this said, I recently took my self confidence and Swimsuits Direct suits for a spin at The Liaison Capitol Hill Rooftop Pool Lounge #SipDipRelax on a Friday evening after work. The Liaison Capitol Hill has a great rooftop pool with awesome views of DC, cabanas, plenty of lounge chairs and seating, and a bar. They are always hosting events and you can purchase a day pool pass for $35, even if you aren't staying in the hotel. Starting at 5pm Mon-Thurs, non-hotel guests can access the roof for free and enjoy the nightly Happy Hour by the pool. For more information, see the Liaison Capitol Hill website.

The first suit is a two piece- the Aloha Waters Tortuga Flounce Bra Swim Top & Summer Solstice Costa Shirred High Waist Pant Swim Bottom. The suit was well made and the print on the top makes me think of the tropics. The high waisted bottom is the perfect shade of teal and is very flattering on. The top and bottom both have great coverage, support, and lining, which is something I personally require in a suit, for my curves. My favorite part of this suit is the off the shoulder detail on the top, as it adds to the retro vibe of the high waist bottoms, while still being on trend. Since this suit is technically a 'juniors' size, I had to size up as it runs a bit small.

The second suit, the Flamingo Solids Tortuga Flounce Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit, is a classic suit that will always be in style. I firmly believe that every woman should have a little black swimsuit as its as necessary as a LBD! A black swimsuit is timeless, flattering, and always in style! My favorite thing about this suit also, is the off the sleeve detail. I like how the suit looks vintage with a modern OTS twist! This suit also runs a bit small since its 'juniors', so I had to size up, and the suit provides good coverage and support. It has shoulder straps too, but I decided I liked them better tucked in!

The best thing about both of these suits? They're both under $40 over on Swimsuits Direct! Happy Swimming!


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