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Blue Monday

Well friends, its the start of a new week! While this week is going to be filled with amazing things like a quick trip to NYC and a Kanye inspired day party and art show on Saturday, I still have a bit of the the Monday blues, literally speaking with my new blue dress from UK brand, Yours Clothing.

I think it can be agreed that Mondays are the hardest day out of the week. Its back to the grind and signifies we have 5 more days until weekend freedom again. Sigh. While we mostly hate on Monday, today I'm trying to be positive and share reasons to love Monday and ways to embrace the start of the new week with ease.

Below are some tips on how to embrace Monday and find the positivity in the new week ahead:

Tip 1: Mondays are a day for coffee (or tea!)

Like, for real. Whether you drink coffee daily or not, make Monday a treat yo self day and either try a new coffee or tea or splurge on a coffee/tea you don't normally buy. This will help you start your day positive!

Tip 2: Start a ritual for Monday

Whether its working out, or heading to your favorite wine shop to pick out a new bottle of wine to try, make a new ritual for Monday. This will give you something to look forward to throughout the day! I personally like to use Monday nights as face mask night!

Tip 3: Wear something fun!

Save a new recently purchased item for Monday or wear a loved item you already have. Not to sound materialistic, but wearing something new or an item I love help me get through tough days, because when you look good, you feel good.

Tip 4: Be positive

Instead of hating on Monday, be happy we are given the day and a fresh start of a new week.

Tip 5: Set a weekly intention

Use Monday as a way to brainstorm what you want to accomplish for the week. For me, I plan out my week on Mondays for my blog planning and goals for the week. This helps get my mindset right and focused on my own goals, which make me excited and give me something to look forward to later in the week. Its also super rewarding to cross things off my planning list throughout the week and I use it to remind myself I'm hitting personal milestones and goals!

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