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Diner en Blanc 2017

Last night I attended Diner en Blanc for the first time. I was extended an invitation from Angelica Talan of Angelica in the City and Clarendon Moms and I was so excited to finally see what all the fuss was about! I had seen other friends attend previous years, but I didn't know the full scope of the event until this year.

Diner en Blanc is a tradition that started in Paris, France in 1988. The supper club tradition started when the founder, François Pasquier, wanted to have a dinner party, but he didn't have the space in his home. He instead decided to have a picnic and told the attendees to wear all white so they could identify each other. It has since made waves and cities around the world now participate in this exclusive evening. To attend the event, you must be invited. You also must bring your own table, chairs, food, and centerpieces. This year there were 4,500 people in attendance.

Since it was my first time attending, I didn't know what to expect. To start the evening, you meet with your table leader and then walk (or take the metro) to the secret location of the event. We didn't know where the dinner was taking place literally until we arrived. This year, it took place along Pennsylvania Ave and we had the most beautiful view of the Capitol.

David attended with me and we sat alongside Angelica and her guest, Karima, and Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen, and her sister Debbie. Our table host was Diego of Diego Downtown and our group leader was Barnette of The DC Fashion Fool. For our table, we opted to rent the table and chair this year to avoid having to carry them in case we had to walk far to the destination. It was very easy to rent since we didn't have to carry the items, but there was some confusion as to where or how to pick up the items as there was no real proper signage.

We brought our own picnic, although you could also purchase your food from Mike Isabella's restaurants. We brought subs from The Italian Store (I had the Capri and David had the Milano), as well as a small cheese and cracker plate, a fruit plate, and dessert. The wine was purchased through the Diner en Blanc since outside alcohol is not permitted. If you attend next year, be sure to purchase your food and wine in advance, as nothing is sold onsite. The food and beverage lines were extremely long, but moved fast as the night went on. The rental return line was also super long, so if you rent a table, break it down early and return it to avoid the line.

Other than the crowds and walking far carrying items, the night really was a blast. my favorite part of the night was the people watching. I loved seeing everyones outfits! I also liked walking around to see the table decor- some people went all out! It was really cool to see the creativity that some people put into their looks and tables.

When I signed up to attend, my outfit was the first thing I though of, and I knew I had to wear ELOQUII, as they have some amazing white dresses! ELOQUII dressed not only me, but Alison and Debbie, and Angelica was also in ELOQUII! To top off my Lace Evening Dress, I ordered a headpiece from Amazon (which was only $16!), a crystal ring chain hand harness ($9!), and glitter eyelashes.

My Outfit Details:

After dinner, there are sparklers and dancing! One of the prettiest things I've ever seen in DC was the sea of sparklers and white with the Capitol in the background. It was truly beautiful!

If you go next year, wear comfortable shoes, go all out with your attire and table decor, and keep an open mind. There will be lots of walking, lines, and crowds, but its all part of the experience!

If you are planning to attend next year, or if you have an end of summer party white party coming up for Labor Day, check out ELOQUII's white dress picks. I've linked a few below that you can still order in time for Labor Day!


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