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The Fabulous Struggle of Being Blonde

Do blondes really have more fun? Maybe. Having been a brunette in my childhood and into my teen years, I didn't know the difference until I started to dabble in highlights in high school. Once I started highlights, my hair progressively got lighter and lighter, until many years later I finally bit the bullet to go platinum and I never looked back. That is, until my hair was accidentally dyed brown this past winter (follow my hair journey here). It was that moment I realized that yes, for me, blondes DO have more fun because I looked absolutely horrible with brown hair. It has become who I am and my trademark. Does this mean everyone needs to be blonde to 'have more fun'? No. It means, whatever hair color you are most comfortable with is the most fun- for you.

If you are blonde like me, you know the struggle is real. Not only do we have to deal with jokes, but the upkeep for blonde hair is no joke. I get my roots done monthly, but keeping up with my hair is a daily task. Between colors, I get treatments, use special blonde shampoos, and deal with some breakage, because when you're coloring your hair breakage is going to happen. Today, I'm dishing on what I'm calling the "fabulous struggle of being blonde" and sharing some fave new hair products from amika.

Amika | Blonde in the District

The Fabulous Struggle of Being Blonde:

1. You can accidentally dye your hair lavender from purple shampoo.

A lesson I have learned now twice, while using highly pigmented purple shampoo to cut brassiness. This happened to me a few yeas ago because I was not breaking up the shampoo enough in my hands before applying it to my hair, resulting in purple deposits in my hair from application. Since blonde hair is so light, it can pick up color instantly...even when the color comes in shampoo. I learned my lesson and started to throughly break up purple shampoo in my hands before applying to my hair, but recently had a similar mishap when I accidentally left purple conditioner on my hair too long and my hair turned lavender. I guess its better to have lavender hair than brassy hair, lol. Thankfully Illusions of Georgetown was able to fix me up right away with a clarifying shampoo.

2. Your hair attracts everything from creepers to bugs.

Call me crazy, but I can't tell you how many times bugs have flown into my head at outdoor activities. I have a theory that bugs are attracted to my light hair since it shines bright in sunlight, and bugs are attracted to light objects. I also can't tell you how many times I've gotten weird comments and creepy compliments due to my hair color.

3. Blonde Jokes.

Whenever someone says "Hey, have you heard this blonde joke..." I don't even respond anymore. (Rolls Eyes)

4. Lipstick Stains.

Windy days + lipstick/lipgloss + hair down = a recipe for disaster. I know this sounds dramatic, but I can't tell you how many times I've looked in the mirror to find hot pink or red streaks in my hair from my hair hitting my lips on a windy day, and my lipstick/lipgloss staining my hair with the color I'm wearing.

5. The Brass.

One of the hardest colors to achieve is icy white hair, trust me. The upkeep is no joke. Between maintaining dark roots to cutting the brass between colors (see #1 above), this is a struggle that every blonde knows well. I have 3 different types of shampoo at all times- purple shampoo, moisturizing/reconstructing shampoo, and platinum shampoo, and I have a schedule for how I use them all on rotation.


And now, onto a few of my new favorite products to help maintain my color and style. I received these products as part of a PR package from amika to test out. I had used the Perk Up Dry Shampoo in the past, and it was always one of my favorites so I was really excited to test out more products from this brand. Plus, I really love their vibrant packaging!

amika Product Reviews:

Perk Up Dry Shampoo- my favorite dry shampoo ever. After trying it again, my mind has been made up that its the best dry shampoo out there. Between the amazing smell (that lasts!), and the consistency of the shampoo really absorbing into the hair, I'm officially naming it my favorite of all time.


Un.Done Texture Spray- I really like this texturing spray. I add it to my hair for some extra body and va va voom. It also cuts shine, so if your hair is a little oily, it makes it matte extending a shampoo or blow out an extra day!

Silken Up Dry Conditioner- I like applying this to the ends of my hair after the dry shampoo for some extra conditioning and moisture on days I don't wash/condition my hair. It smells amazing and makes my hair feel smooth.


Bombshell Blowout Spray- I love this stuff! I apply it to my wet hair in preparation for a blow out! It really does add body and makes my hair appear thicker.

Nourishing Mask: I use this as a 5-10min wash out conditioner. After shampooing, I leave this on my hair for much needed hydration. It smells awesome- as do all the amika products, and leaves my hair nourished.

Bust Your Brass Shampoo & Conditioner- Other than my mishap of accidentally leaving the conditioner on my hair too long and dying it lavender, this stuff is awesome. It truly DOES cut the brass of my hair and brings the icy cool color after a wash. I highly recommend this to any cool color blonde, just don't leave it in your hair long like I did, lol. When using, be sure to break it up really well in you hands before applying to your hair and rinse immediately after.



Blonde in the District


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