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Novelty Bags for Less

I have always been a purse lover. I still remember my first 'real' purse- it was a small clutch bag from The Limited Too and it was sparkly and teal blue- hey, the 90s were over the top, ok? Would I wear it today? Hmmm no, but I would (and do!) wear a number of other really fun and quirky purses.

Kate Spade Make it Mine Black Cat Purse.

For me, a handbag is a self expression and says a lot about the person carrying it. I love to express my fun side through accessories, and handbags have become one of my favorite outlets to show my character. While I love a designer bag (who doesn't?!), I tend to splurge on classic higher end purses, as they will always be in style and can last for years. When I look for those characteristic and fun handbags, I'm always on the look out for a dupe or a really good sale. The one novelty purse I have splurged on is my Kate Spade Black Cat purse (pictured above), because of my cat Chloe and that bag makes my heart melt with cuteness.

Charming Charlie Camera Clutch

Kate Spade Lucky Cat Purse (found during a Kate Spade surprise sale).

But, enough of the splurging talk, today I'm bringing you some fab and fun handbags, all for $30 and under! Including my Kate Spade dupe for $20 (linked below!)!

The Original & the $20 dupe(!!!):

$30 & Under Fabulousness:

When looking to add some punch to an outfit, never underestimate the power of a novelty handbag!

Bonjour Clutch from ELOQUII

Pineapple Crossbody from Ashley Stewart

I hope you all enjoy the Labor Day weekend! I will be hitting Provincetown, Cape Cod and I welcome you to follow along on Instagram!


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