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NYFW Diary: Day 2, Part I

After an amazing NYFW Day 1, I wasn't sure if it could be topped, but it totally was! For Day 2, Catherine and I attended The Curvy Con, which is a conference for the curve and plus fashion industry. The event was all day long and truly made for a memorable experience. Following The Curvy Con, I attended the epic Philipp Plein show, which was quite possibly the highlight of my trip, although its really hard to choose the highlight because everything was amazing. I originally was going to include a recap of both The Curvy Con and Philipp Plein in one post, but they both deserve their own attention, so I'm breaking this post into Part I and Part II. Here is Part 1...

NYFW Day 2 Look:

Note: I pre-planned my outfit to shoot with Preethi during Day 1. I ended up modifying this look a bit for Day 2 and changing the shoes to my new fave Ellos booties, as I knew wearing heels all day was not the best idea, after all.

NYFW Diary: Day 2, Part 1- The Curvy Con

We started off the morning early at The Curvy Con. This was the third year of The Curvy Con and I am so happy that I went. As stated above, The Curvy Con is a conference that brings together the plus fashion industry to make strides in womens fashion. The conference is set up with general sessions and networking/shopping with brands. The general sessions varied on topics and featured a star studded list of speakers.

When Catherine and I arrived, we opted to hit the expo floor first and say hi to our favorite brands and see their booths. We stopped by ELOQUII and Ellos as we both were rocking our looks from these brands. After a quick walk through on the expo floor, we sat in on the general sessions.

The first session we sat in on was a panel with The Curvy Con creators, Chastity Garner and Cece Olisa, and the owners/designers of the brand new line Premme, Gabi Fresh and Nicolette Mason, who both have very, very successful blogs and are household names in the blogging community. This panel was my favorite as it discussed their experiences building their brands, something which I am working on daily.

With Catherine, Gabi Fresh, and Nicolette Mason

Lane Bryant was also a presenter and they showed a preview of their holiday collection. This was interesting to me, as I have never been a Lane Bryant shopper and I was eager to see their revamped line. They are becoming super popular for their stretch skinny jeans, which I am eager to try.

My other favorite panel was hosted by ELOQUII and featured a discussion with Chrissy Metz of This Is Us. To be honest, I haven't seen the show, but I've heard wonderful things, and after hearing her speak, its next up on my list of shows to binge watch. She was so upfront and honest, funny, and super down to earth. Following her session, there was a meet and greet with her where Catherine and I met her and took a photo. She is seriously so real and cool, I am definitely a new fan.

With Catherine and Chrissy Metz

In addition to the sessions, the networking was awesome. While there were many familiar faces and friends in attendance, this was the perfect opportunity to finally meet Instagram friends in real life, which definitely was a highlight. I loved meeting Katie Sturino of The 12ish Style, Ryan Dziadul of Extra Extra Style, and Maya of The Pink Caboodle.

The shopping floor was also well done, featuring a number of brands with full on pop-up shops to show off their newest curve and plus collections. This was great to see all of the options that are being created for women size 12 and above and I was impressed with many of the collections. My favorite booths were ELOQUII, Ellos, Modcloth, and Macy's surprisingly. Macy's is completely revamping their plus section, and its really, really good.

DC Bloggers at Curvy Con!

From L to R: Catherine of Dreamy Realist, Joy of Joy of Curves, Tiffany of Policy and Fashion, Yasmine of The Darker Berrie

Overall the conference was a positive, coming together of women who identify with one another, who are trying to live stylishly in a size 2 world. It is amazing how far the industry has come to realize this need, and The Curvy Con proved that brands are starting to listen to us as consumers. While we've come a long way, we still have a ways to go, but after this conference, I think we are well on our way.


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