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NYFW Diary: Day 2, Part II

NYFW Day 2, Part II continued.....

After The Curvy Con ended, I went directly to the location for the Philipp Plein show to get in line. While I had been invited to the show (a fashion miracle!) I was never assigned a seat and I was scared this would mean I wouldn't be let in. So, I showed up over an hour before the show started to get in line. Luckily, Tonya Michelle has texted me that she was also going to the show, so we were able to stand in line together. The experience arriving to the show was nuts. The show was scheduled to start at 9pm at the Hammerstein Ballroom which had been turned into the "Philipp Plein theatre" with crazy expensive cars parked out front and the theatre sign had been changed to say PHILIPP PLEIN on the kiosks.

Celebrity names headlined the fashion show with performances by Dita von Teese, Future, and Nicki Minaj. There was also an after-party held at the show venue by 1OAK, and to top it off, Adriana Lima was walking in the show. I HAD TO GET IN. So, I waited. It was freezing and my feet were hurting like no other from the past 2 days of non stop walking and standing in lines. As the time grew closer to 9pm, the line kept forming and the masses of people were beyond. From where I was in line, I couldn't see the end of the line, but I heard it was wrapped around the block. I kept myself entertained with the amazing people watching. People were decked out in street style to the nines and I was loving all the fashion inspo.

Finally at around 9:30pm, the line started moving. As we got closer to the entrance I got nervous I wasn't going to get in. The line was blocked off by metal sidewalk pedestrian barriers and there were crowds and press on the other side taking photos and trying to get glimpses of celebs as they walked in the theatre. It was seriously like nothing I've experienced before. Not even standing outside the Yeezy Season 4 show last NYFW was this insane.

When it was my turn to get in, I gave them my name- AND I WAS ON THE LIST. I breathed a sigh of relief and hurried inside. Tonya and I were pointed to the balcony where we were able to score seats. The show started around 10pm and I was blown away. It started with a performance from Dita von Teese, who I adore. Although we were in the balcony, I still was captured by her beauty and stage presence. Her performance was absolutely gorgeous, ending in a life size martini glass.

Then, Philipp Plein came out. He addressed the audience and thanked everyone for attending. He apologized for the late start and said there were still about 2,000+ people waiting to get into the show. I was honored that I can say I was present for this show. The show started with the rapper, Future, performing and after his first song, the show started. There were dancers behind Future performing and the runway was a high rise catwalk that went out into the audience.

This show was some next level ish. Even though I was far away, I could make out the clothes and faces of popular models on the runway. The clothing creations were out of this world and were accented with lots of black and bondage-esque details. The show felt more like a performance and party than anything else and it was one of the coolest fashion related experiences I've ever had. To top off everything, Teyana Taylor made an appearance on the catwalk and completely killed it with a dance performance. After the show, the models flooded the stage and danced to the last Future song as their final walk on the runway.

Then, the after party started. At this point, I was by myself, but I couldn't bring myself to leave yet. I decided to move to the main stage level and check out the scene. As I was walking into the main level entrance, who but freaking Scott Disick walks by me with his boy crew. I had to do a double take of him, and I thought 'Wow, I'm one degree away from Kimye!' I scoped out the scene and admired all of the style and DJ that had taken the stage from 1OAK, a popular night club.

I didn't stay the entire time, but looking back I wish I had. I skipped out on the Nicki Minaj performance (but I saw her in the front row during the show!) but looking back, I would've stayed even though I was by myself. When I decided to leave to meet Roxanne and Catherine for a late dinner, I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a crowd even bigger than when I had gone into the show and there was security everywhere, guarding the pedestrian barrier from the masses of people and paparazzi trying to get in. I honestly feel like this was my 30 seconds of fame, leaving to a crowd like this from the show.

Thank you Philipp Plein, for one f***ing amazing experience. I will forever remember this.


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