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Fab Friday: Younique Mascara

Today for FAB Friday I'm sharing my experience in trying a new mascara - one of my favorite beauty products! Although I'm normally a lipstick junkie, mascara follows closely behind, as well as concealer/foundation. While I love mascara, finding the right one is a big deal, and I'm super picky about mascara.

I had the opportunity of checking out the new Younique Moodstruck Epic Mascara, and decided to try it out, as I know Younique is a growing brand and I hadn't tried any Younique products before. My rep, Kristen, sent a tube of the Moodstruck Epic Mascara to try out and review. I have been using the mascara now for two weeks, and I'm impressed. The biggest thing I look for in a good mascara is volume and staying power. This mascara has both. One of my biggest pet peeves with mascara is when is runs and leaves black marks under my eyes - which happens to me A LOT with different brands, but the Younique brand has not run or smudged once.

The wand bristles are a mix of shorter and longer lengths which helps during application to really elongate the lashes and gives some serious volume. I noticed too when applying, that the brush helps to lift my lashes and give the perfect curl without having to use a lash curler. To apply, I brush the wand on my lashes slowly in an upwards motion, making sure I get as many lashes in as possible and as much lift. Kristen also recommended to apply the mascara to one eye, then switch to the other (and repeat 2-3 times) for the best volume and I definitely see a huge difference when applying it like this.

Overall, I have not experienced the mascara to run, smudge, or clump. It goes on smoothly and easily, and gives great lasting volume and lift. It is also easy to take off with eye makeup remover (I use Cetaphil Liquid Makeup Remover). I recommend this mascara and find it to be a great product.

The Moodstruck Epic Mascara retails for $24 and can be purchased through Kristen, on her Younique site.

This product was gifted to Blonde in the District for review. All thoughts and words have been solely written by Blonde in the District.


Blonde in the District


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