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Bodysuit Faves

Last week I was talking about how much I love leopard print, and this week I'm dishing about another style fave- bodysuits. Cue up the 80's dance music, because todays post is inspired by this throwback style.

While bodysuits have been around for some time- especially popular for dancers and athletes, they reached their height of fame in the 80's and early 90's when designers like Donna Karan introduced them as a fashion trend. I can still envision Cindy Crawford in that white bodysuit and denim shorts drinking a Pepsi in the famous 1992 advertisement. I love to see how trends recirculate through time, and now in circulation from 1992 is the bodysuit.

When I started seeing bodysuits in stores, I was concerned about how they would look on my figure. I desperately wanted to rock the look, so I gave it a try and bought my first body suit at Topshop and prayed it would work on me. It did. I was hooked from the moment I put it on, loving its body hugging silhouette and non-bulging shape at the waistline. It made wearing a top with jeans or skirts easy again- effortless and low maintenance as I didn't have to tug or pull it constantly to make it lay flat. When worn right, they also create one continuous line on the body which is flattering on every shape.

Metallic bodysuit paired with my ZOPHIA Sequin Wrap Skirt.

Being hooked, I started to look for bodysuits more and more. I'm a huge skirt wearer and this was like game changing for me and a bodysuit and skirt is one of my now favorite go-to looks. They look incredible with jeans, too (especially high waisted jeans!), as well as wide-leg pants. They are also great for layering and I frequently top my bodysuits in moto jackets for an ultra cool girl look.

Whether you are already an avid bodysuit wearer or a newbie, I have complied a round up of some of my favorite bodysuits all for $45 or under, in a variety of sizes! If you haven't checked them out yet, I hope this give you the courage to try them out - I think you'll be pleasantly impressed!

Bodysuit Faves:

Photography by The Creative Gentleman.

Location: The Daley at Shady Grove


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