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Brows by Pandora Skin Studio

On Monday night I finally had my brows done, which was wayyyyy overdue. It had been a solid 6 months - if not more- since I'd had a brow shape up and wax. I was referred to Naghmeh, owner of Pandora Skin Studio, by my good friend Yvette, the manager of my beloved hair salon, Illusions of Georgetown. Yvette and Naghmeh worked together previously, and when Yvette told me she was the only person she'd let touch her brows, I knew she must be amazing.

Pandora Skin Studio- DC location.

Naghmeh is a licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist who has been in the business over 25 years. She has salon space in Posh Salon at 20th and M St in DC and a location in Columbia, MD, as well. I visited her at the DC location. My appointment was for a brow and chin wax and I was in and out of the salon literally in about 10 minutes flat. Naghmeh worked fast, but was detail oriented. The brow wax was not as painful as normal, and she walked me through how to fill my brows in to make them look fuller after the wax.

For my chin hairs (I know, so embarrassing, lol, but does anyone else get random chin/neck hairs?) she used the threading technique since the hairs were random. Threading to me is always painful, but the results are great since it doesn't cause redness and Naghmeh moved fast, so it was over quickly. My brows and my chin felt so smooth from the hair removal and I had no pain or soreness after whatsoever. The redness on my brows was minimal and did not last long.

I have been filling my eyebrows the past 2 days as Naghmeh showed me and I've noticed they shape my face better and look fuller. I didn't realize how thin my brows were until seeing her on Monday! My overall experience was wonderful and easy, and I will definitely be going back for future waxes.

From a shoot this morning- Brows by Naghmeh!

In addition to face waxing, Naghmeh's speciality is actually Brazilian waxes and she told me she has the process down to a T, with the entire process being done in 10 minutes. Which is incredibly fast! She also does eyelash tinting, and skin facials and treatments.

To learn more about the treatments offered by Pandora Skin Studio, or to book your session, visit the website here.

Thank you, Naghmeh, for the positive experience and fresh brows!


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