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Holiday Gift Guide: Novelty Handbags for the Fashionista

Does it seem early to be writing a guide guide? Yes. But, I already started with my weekly holiday style round ups as of Monday, and when thinking of a post for this week to go with that theme, I decided to compile my first gift guide for a few reasons. The first, because stores are already gearing up for the holidays; two, because I was browsing Nordstrom and saw these picks and wanted them all for myself; and three- because I'm trying to be more organized this year and not be a last minute shopper - I normally wait for the last minute and then I'm flustered. SO, in and effort to be more organized, I'm going to promote early shopping for stress free holidays, with my first gift guide of the season- Novelty Handbags for the Fashionista in your life.

The first part of this guide is a compiled product list of fun novelty handbags and accessories all for $130 & Under that any fashionista on your gift list will love. I'm telling you this first hand, from a fashionista myself, I'd want any and all of this list. The items range from handbags, totes, clutches, wallets, and key charms, all at a variety of prices. I chose these from Nordstrom, as I personally like to buy gifts from here since it is easy to exchange and return items, which is a huge plus when it comes to giving a gift.

$130 & Under Gift Guide: Handbags for the Fashionista:

The second part of this guide, is highlighting what I think to be the ideal handbag to give to your favorite fashionista if you want to splurge a little. Back in April/May, I treated myself to a Make-It-Mine Handbag from Kate Spade New York. This bag has been my go-to purse for the last few months and I am absolutely obsessed with it. The size is perfect and it is the most functional bag I own. Due to its medium size, I can wear it from day to night and it has an outside pocket which is perfect to hold my phone. The best part about the bag, though, is that it can be personalized. The top flap of the handbag detaches and you can purchase other flaps to change the look of the bag. You can also purchase straps, completely changing the look of the bag from the original.

This is such a great concept as you have a classic bag, then you can jazz it up based on your personality or occasion you're wearing it to. I have left mine as is with the kitty flap and leopard strap, because I simply cannot get enough of the cuteness! When it comes to handbags, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this Kate Spade Byrdie Leather Saddle Bag that you can personalize with your own touch.

Proof that I really, REALLY, love my Kate Spade Kitty Bag:

To buy, start with the Byrdie Leather Saddle Bag in Black or Ivory.

Then, personalize it with flaps and straps based on your fashionista's liking!!

Pro tip: If you ever gift a handbag or wallet, place a $1 bill inside of it for the gift receiver. This is a tradition within my family, and it resembles wishes for good fortune and wealth.


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