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Sharing BITD Thanks

Last night I saw Lady Gaga in concert for the 5th time. I always love to see her in concert because she puts on amazing shows but she also makes me feel so positive and happy. Coming off some serious 'spread the love' emotions from her show and given that this week is Thanksgiving, I decided to dedicate this post to share thanks and love for some local businesses that keep me, as a blogger, in business.

I have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to individuals I've met through blogging and the array of brands I have worked with. There is a special place for everyone, but there are a few that work with me on a whole different level that truly understand the business and blogger relationship, and I want to shout out these brands, as they truly mean so much to me and always support me and my personal brand.


Many may not know this, but Betsy Garcete Cohen, the founder of Zophia, was the first person who ever reached out to me when I started blogging. Betsy has become a confidant and friend, and I am honored to have worked with her so closely on designing one of a kind custom pieces that have been included for special appearances and even on the runway. Thank you, Betsy, for making me feel amazing in your luxury, stand-out designs.

Zophia tweed wrap skirt

Illusions of Georgetown

Illusions is another long time partner of mine. Not only did Illusions of Georgetown save my hair - and entire brand name - when I had a terrible hair incident by another colorist, but they have invested in me and I am proud to call them my BITD family. Thank you, Illusions and Yvette Guerra, for bringing this partnership to me, even while I was still new and finding my way in the blogging industry. Illusions has gone above and beyond for me, and I will always do the same for them.

At Illusions of Georgetown

JRH Graphics

Jonathan Howard, the owner of JRH Graphics, was introduced to me by way of Dee Crowley, a local DC blogger. Jonathan manages the social media for Urban Jungle and I participated on a Valentine's Campaign with the brand earlier this year. Jonathan has become one of my biggest social media champions for BITD, bringing ideas and collaborations for cross promotion. He truly gets relationship building and supporting local brands, and I'm happy that our relationship has flourished into this support system and friendship.

Prints by JRH Graphics

Arielle Lewis Studios

Arielle Lewis, owner of Arielle Lewis Studios, came to me at the perfect time. My blog photographer at the time was about to move, and I was on the look for a new photog who matched my aesthetic. I met Arielle at the Dupont Underground Fashion Show back in April, and she sent me a photo of myself on the runway, something that I deeply appreciated as models do not always receive individual photos of themselves on the catwalk. Arielle has been my go-to DC blog photographer for the past 5 months, and has become a friend along the way.

Image by Arielle Lewis Studios

Ellada Studio & Spa

A newer partner of mine, Ellada Studio, is a business I cannot stop raving about. Aidana, the owner of the salon, invited me to check out the salon after I couldn't find anyone who could do my nails as I wanted. Let me tell you- its hard AF to find a nail tech in the area who can give you true coffin nails. Ellada Studio specializes in nails and they are the only salon I've seen that have that much talent on staff. I see Sabrina, and since shes done my nails, my hands have never felt or looked this good. Thank you, Ellada Studio, for my life-changing nails, and for treating me so well!

Nails by Sabrina at Ellada


Blonde in the District


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