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'Hubs' in the District + Men's Holiday Gift Guide

The BITD Holiday Gift Guide series is continuing this week, strategically in line with Thanksgiving. Yesterday I gave thanks to the local businesses I work with the closest and have extensive relationships with – I appreciate them all greatly. Today I am giving thanks to a person who I don’t open up about on my blog much – my husband.

I don’t feature my husband on my blog much, as our relationship is one I like to keep offline. It’s just between us, for us. David and I will be celebrating 4 years of marriage this December. These 4 years have flown by, but you know what they say- time flies when you’re having fun. Our marriage has seen love, job losses, new business ventures, adventure, laughs, and caring for a fur baby (you all KNOW I had to mention Chloe here, ok). We have traveled together to places I could only dream of, and I wouldn’t trade the memories we've made for anything in this world.

It is because of David that I understand what a true life partner means. It means support, friendship, understanding, and love. David is not only my biggest supporter, but my biggest critic- in a good way. He understands me and accepts me for who I am, and I do the same for him. He gives me the support I need to run my blog, and I truly thank him for understanding how much BITD means to me, and what I’m working towards not only for me, but for us. Thank you, David, my husband, for being in my life. This <and every> Thanksgiving, I’m most thankful for you.

My husband, David

On this note, I’ve been brainstorming ideas on what to get David this year for Christmas. Along my search for ideas I started to save some that I made into a gift guide for the man in your life- whether its your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, uncle, or friend, all for under $150!

Men's Holiday Gift Guide: $150 & Under


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