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Sophie Blake Santhiya Collection

If there's one thing I look for in an item, its the versatility of it, especially with jewelry. While I do love costume/in-your-face pieces, I will almost always opt for jewelry that I can wear all the time to get the most value out of it. When it comes to clothing I'm pretty picky about price points, but when it comes to jewelry I'm willing to spend a little bit more especially if I can wear the piece daily and its a timeless design.

Last year, I was introduced to Sophie Blake, a local jewelry designer, by my dear friend Cris. Sophie Blake is based here in the DC area with her flagship store located in the Mosaic District. Her designs are classic, modern, and unique- and there is truly something for everyone in her collection. The store also carries a handful of carefully curated brands, handpicked by Sophie herself, that fit with her modern, cool aesthetic.

Sophie Blake | Blonde in the District

Wearing the Sophie Blake Charlotte studs and drops as an ear jacket.

I own a number of Sophie Blake pieces and one thing is for sure- the versatility is amazing and I can wear my pieces with pretty much anything. I recently was introduced to the new collection, Santhiya, by Sophie, and I fell in love with the concept. The new collection is inspired from Sophie's travels to Thailand and the Charlotte circle design represents the movement of the ocean, inner beauty, and the circle of life. The collection features stud and hoop earrings, pendant necklaces, and rings, and the most unique detail in the entire collection is the multiple ways to wear the Charlotte studs and drops. The design makes the earrings interchangeable, letting you change the studs and the drops for different and versatile looks that can fit pretty much any look you're going for! See some of the ways I have worn the earrings myself, and the six different ways to wear them below!

Sophie Blake | Blonde in the District

Wearing the Sophie Blake Moonstone studs and Charlotte Drops together.

Six Ways to Wear the Charlotte Studs & Moonstone Drops:

1. The Charlotte Moonstone Studs with drops together

2. The Charlotte Moonstone Studs with the drops behind the ear, as an ear jacket

3. The Moonstone studs alone, without the drops

4. Switch up the Moonstone studs for the Charlotte Studs and drops as an ear jacket

5. The Charlotte Studs with drops together

6. The Charlotte Studs alone, without the drops.

Sophie Blake | Blonde in the District

Wearing the Charlotte studs and drops.

With Christmas right around the corner, Sophie Blake makes for a great spot to find last minute gifts. In celebration of the holidays, Sophie is hosting a winter event tomorrow, Friday December 22 from 6-8pm featuring one of her in store designers, Italia Testino. Italia is a Peruvian designer who makes gorgeous coats and capes that Sophie has available in store. Find more info and RSVP here. I'll be there too, so I hope to see you there!


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