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Sunday Riley

I don't know about you, but the winter is brutal on my skin. During the winter, I struggle with dry patches of skin on my face that look like scales with extreme redness. Not cool. It is a problem that I have experienced in recent years, and it wasn't until last winter that I found a product that helped to keep my skin hydrated and bright.

It was actually at the Birchbox in NYC that I was introduced to Sunday Riley products. The girl who was helping me with a mini makeover noticed my dry patches and told me about the Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser, as I was using Cetaphil at the time and it wasn't cutting it on my dry skin. She raved about the product, so I bought it as I was desperate for change. She also told me about the Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment and told me it was one of the brands best sellers and that women would flock to Birchbox just to buy this one product. Since this one was a bit more expensive, she gave me a sample to try out before committing to the $105 price tag.

Healthy winter skin, thanks to Sunday Riley products. Photo by Arielle Lewis Studios.

The Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser has been my go-to face wash since last February- almost a year! The product is free of parabens and sulfates and is best for normal/oily/combination skin (I have a combination skin type). What I like most about this cleanser, is that it really breaks up makeup and dirt from my face. Having used other cleansers, this is the only one I've used that feels like all my makeup is removed after one rinse. It also helped with the appearance of my pores and brightened my skin tone. The only minor dislike I have for this product is the weird smell of the cleanser while rinsing, but the smell of the cleanser does not stay on your face after rinsing, so its not a game changer at all. The cost of the Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser is $45, but the 4.2 oz bottle lasted me about 7 months. I know $45 sounds like a lot for a cleanser, but when you break it out by cost per month, it is roughly ~$6.50/month - and it is totally worth the price in my opinion.

The Good Genes is a whole different story. After trying the sample, I was hooked. My skin was bright, clear, and soft. The treatment worked wonders on me, and I caved to buy a bottle. This product is also paraben and sulfate free and can be used on all skin tones and for all ages. After cleansing with Ceramic Slip, I apply one pump of this all over my face - a little goes a long way in this case. I can almost instantly see my face is brighter and fuller after use. Good Genes also plumps the skin to look more radiant, and fights fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin. This product is a bit pricier at $105 <and also smells a little funky, but its nothing terrible>, but I can honestly say it is $105 well spent - your skin will thank you! This one lasts me about 6 months, so it comes out to roughly~$17.50/month!

Pro Tip: after researching both of these products, I saw a tip on Sephora that said these products have been used backstage at New York Fashion Week. More specifically, these products have been paired together for a Flash Facial for the models. Intrigued, I tried this out on myself last weekend. I mixed one pump of the Clay Cleanser with one pump of the Good Genes and applied to my face for 10 minutes and then rinsed. My skin was so bright and vibrant and looked amazing all day and into the next. If you check out these products, you must try this Flash Facial for days when you want your skin to shine!


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