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Cold Weather Leopard

While we had a little taste of spring weather last week, the temps are back to frigid cold and from the looks of the weather forecast, its likely to stay this way on the cooler side for a bit. I honestly can't say I'm upset about the cold - call me crazy but I prefer cooler temps over the extreme heat any day.

One reason I like the cold weather is the accessories that come with it. Hats, scarves, gloves, and coats. I love accessorizing for winter as its an added layer of style and expressing who you are. Last year I was desperate for a leopard fur coat to express my love of being bold, style wise. After seeing Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen post one that she reviewed positively, I decided to check it out for myself.

This leopard jacket has been my go-to winter coat and I absolutely love to wear it. It seriously goes with anything- I can wear it casual like I am in this post, or dressed up, daytime to nighttime, to work or out on the town. If I could pick one thing every woman needs in their closet this winter, its definitely a leopard fur coat. Plus, its soft AF and keeps me unbelievably warm.

While the leopard fur jacket I purchased last year on Amazon is no longer available in extended sizes, the actual brand website has the coat available in all sizes, on sale for $120. I have also done a round up of leopard jackets available in a range of sizes for those who are looking to add one to your winter wardrobe! See below!

Outfit Details:

Leopard Jacket Picks:

Photography by Preethi Rajaguru.


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