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My Favorite Perfumes

Smell is such a powerful thing. I have always found it to be so interesting how a smell can take us to a memory or how we associate certain things with certain smells. I consider myself to have a strong sense of smell, so scents are a huge deal to me. I love good smelling things (I mean, who likes bad smelling things, but you know what I mean...), so perfume is important to me.

That said, I am so picky about scents and I find it hard to find scents and perfumes that I like on me. Many perfumes are too strong for my taste and I end up with a headache as a result of strong scents. While I love Sephora's selection of perfume, I often times find it very overwhelming to go in store and try perfumes, hoping to find a match. I have found most of my go-to perfumes either by chance, or by a referral from a friend. Today I'm going to share my favorite scents as a referral to you all, that have become my go-to over the years and the history on why I love them.

KKW Kimoji Heart

My Fun Fave: KKW Kimoji Hearts

Because I'm borderline obsessed with KimYe, I am always apt to try Kim K's makeup and fragrance launches. While I haven't tried the KKW Crystals Gardenia (but its on my list), I ordered the Kimoji Heart perfume in Bae. The scent is floral and fun with a strong scent of vanilla. I love to wear it for nights out and love the cute packaging. The hearts are sold out, but you can try the Crystal Gardenia on the KKW Fragrance website.

My Current Fave: J'adore Dior

J'adore Dior is a classic. It took me up until about 3 years ago to give it a chance, but I have been wearing it since. I received a sample in a Dior makeup gift set, and although I hated how it smelled in the sample, I tried it regardless. I loved how it smelled on my skin and ended up buying the full bottle soon after my tester ran out. The scent is clean, light, and classy.

A Beloved Fave: Chloe Signature

I will always love the scent of the Chloe signature perfume. I found this through a recommendation of a friend of a friend and I associate its strong, but beautiful scent with happy memories like my wedding, as I wore it on my wedding day, and my beloved kitty, Chloe! I was wearing Chloe as my perfume when I was looking to adopt a cat. I wanted a black cat and I wanted to rename her to Chloe, after the perfume. I happened to look at Lost Dog and Cat Rescue one day and there she was- a beautiful black cat named Chloe. I went the next day to pick her up. I will always love signature Chloe for its unique and memory-filled scent.

My All-Time Fave: Noa Cacharel

This scent takes me back to my early 20s. It is the first real perfume I ever purchased and I purchased it at the Sephora flagship store in Paris when I was 22. Its scent is very floral and airy, and I love it. When I smell it, I instantly think of Paris and associate it with memories of my trips to Paris. After I ran out of it, I went many years without it as it is not as available in store in the US. It wasn't until my trip to Paris in 2015 I was able to purchase it again, and I still have the same bottle from that trip! I use it sparingly but will always consider it to be my favorites. Of all places, Walmart carries it online (so unexpected), but I will likely hold out to buy another bottle on a future trip to Paris. It just means so much more!


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