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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather flock together…..and us birds flock to LOFT.

LOVE LOFT | Blonde in the District

The past few months I have been seriously loving on LOFT for their celebration of body diversity. In February, the brand launched their Plus line, which I had been waiting years for! As a long-time customer of LOFT, I always shopped the brand but I couldn’t always wear certain items. Now, with the launch of the Plus line, I am able to shop everything and anything at LOFT, and let me tell you- it feels amazing.

With the addition of the plus options, LOFT is one of the most size inclusive brands with options for straight sizing, petite, tall, plus, and maternity. With all sizing options available for all bodies, LOFT is the epitome of body diversity and inclusiveness. They know no two bodies are the same, but relish in the fact that every body is beautiful.

What’s even better is being able to shop with friends at LOFT. Recently, my BFF & fellow style lover, Marisa Gonzalez, and I took to LOFT to create these amazing spring looks! After I saw this Peacock Sleeveless Swing Dress & Marisa saw the Parrot Double Strappy Cami, we decided that our theme would be Birds of a Feather, as both styles called to us and our tastes. As style BFF’s, we really do flock together! What’s crazy is although we both love style, Marisa and I are barely able to shop together, due to sizing! The fact that we were able to find great outfits that flatter both of our figures at LOFT is simply fabulous.

I was introduced to Marisa by way of blogging about 2 years ago. Marisa is a Lead Stylist for DC Style Factory, and is literally my style BFF. We both have very different, yet very similar styles and we pride ourselves on our unique looks. We joke that Marisa is a “tomboy” and I’m “dainty” (no seriously, you should hear the nicknames our shared Nail Technician, Sabrina, gave us, lol), but the main thing in common is our love of style, music, and of course margaritas.

As a stylist, Marisa also loves LOFT for the sizing inclusiveness. When creating these spring looks, she told me, “As a personal stylist, I believe style is for anyone who wants it - regardless of age, budget or size. I love that LOFT doesn't carry clothes to cater to fit one figure! I am so excited to be able to shop for all of my female clients here, knowing they are not only getting quality pieces that will fit, but will make them feel good!”

I couldn’t have said that better myself! Having experienced the launch of the plus line and seeing first hand how LOFT is making strides to provide affordable, quality clothing for women of all shapes and sizes is remarkable. I love that I can now shop LOFT with my girlfriends without size limitations!

My Spring Birds of a Feather Outfit Details:

Marisa's Spring Birds of a Feather Outfit Details:

Cheers to friendships & double cheers to LOFT!

Also, don’t forget to save the date for the upcoming LOFT Plus Pop-Up! Grab your style BFF and attend the pop-up celebration on April 25 at the LOFT in Dupont Circle from 6-9pm! For more information, visit LOFT.

Photography by Arielle Lewis Studios.

*This post is a sponsored agreement between LOFT and BITD. All words, thoughts, and opinions belong solely to BITD.*

XOXO Blonde in the District


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