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Ellada Nail Love

Today for FAB Friday, I'm going to be sharing one of my new obsessions- NAILS! I have always been a bit obsessed with nails, but after finding Ellada Studio, the obsession became REAL.

I am someone who must have her nails painted at all times. Chipped nails are a personal pet peeve, and I literally won't leave the house without good nails. Call me crazy, but its my thing.....

My nails by Ellada Studio, Sabrina.

About a year and a half ago I decided to bite the bullet and get acrylic nails, despite all the talk of how bad it is for your nails. I had my eye on a nail salon in Old Town, and they were friendly and nice, but ultimately, they couldn't do the high end nails that I wanted. I coined the term, Pinterest Nails, as I felt like I saw these bomb nails all over Pinterest, but I couldn't find anywhere in the DMV to give me perfect stiletto or coffin nails with designs or bling. I was literally on the verge of having my acrylic nails taken off, when I tried Ellada Studio for the first time and my entire nail world changed.

My nails by Sabrina at Ellada Studio

I met Aidana, the owner of Ellada Studio, at a Bubbles & Bloggers event last spring. She had invited me to come to the salon, so finally I made it in. I was matched with Sabrina as my nail tech. I was sort of nervous the first time- the techniques were way different, but it was a good different. Sabrina took her time with my nails. She sculpted the acrylic on my nails and did not use tips whatsoever. She didn't file my nail bed down with an electric file, and was gentle on my nails. We tossed ideas back and forth over what nail design and color to do. It was like an entire creative meeting all about my nails. I was in heaven.

I left Ellada Studio that day with the most perfect Pinterest Nails. I was so giddy and I was speaking with my hands SO much more, as I was so proud of my beautiful nails. I have been going to Ellada monthly for my nails since October, and meeting a nail tech like Sabrina has completely changed my nail life. Sabrina has walked me through the process and tells me all the time about healthy nails. I had a nail pop-off about 2 months ago (the only nail that has popped off since I've been going to Ellada, and to be fair- I was being really rough on my nails), revealing my natural nail, and I was shocked at how strong it still was. Acrylic nails have this stigma of being "bad" for your nails- but that isn't the case when you find a talented, well educated nail technician. If you go to a salon, like Ellada, that specializes in nails and practices quality techniques, your natural nails will not be harmed or excessively damaged.

My nails have become part of my brand as a blogger. I look forward to the creative process Sabrina and I go through when coming up with ideas on what design or color to do. It's FUN. Who knew nails could be this fun?! I still search Pinterest for nail inspo and sometimes I'll take three different nail images to Sabrina and we incorporate all the things we like from each image, into one. It is a total creative outlet!

If acrylic or gel nail overlays aren't your thing, that's ok! Ellada Studio can still work with your natural nails on some amazing designs! To see their work, head to their full Instagram page. I see Sabrina at Ellada, but they also have a team of amazing nail techs on staff. Currently they are running a promotion for $10 off a new full set with new nail tech, Tonia (you can see some of her designs below!).

You can make a nail appointment either online or by phone at 703-481-6245- mention me for 10% off your first visit!

In addition to nails, Ellada Studio specializes in esthetician services as well. If you saw my Eyelash Extension post, you'll see that I also go to Ellada for my eyelashes with Farideh and I recently tried Microshading. My brows are still in the healing process, but I'll be sharing a full recap of the Microshading process from beginning to end, once they are ready. I've also had the HydraFacial there any my skin was literally glowing for a week! They also partner with local cosmetic dermatologists and doctors for open houses on Botox and Fillers, and will be bringing in Cool Sculpting soon!

To see more about Ellada Studio, visit their website and Instagram page.


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