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May First Friday at Fia's Fab Finds

Tomorrow is May 1. Seriously, where has the time gone? Has the N'SYNC "It's Gonna be May" meme popped up in your social media feeds yet? I'm betting that meme is going to be all over social media today and tomorrow....

Speaking of social media, I want to rave a bit <again> about the power of Instagram. Instagram has introduced me to many amazing people and brands. Today's story is about how I came to meet Fia, the owner of Fia's Fab Finds, a size inclusive consignment boutique in Petworth.

About 2 months ago I attended a ReThreadDC meeting, hosted by the Department of Energy. The event was all about reducing textile and fabric waste in DC- which I learned is a huge issue in the city. I was invited through my blog friend, Brea, whom I met through Instagram connections, who was on the panel for the town-hall event, discussing her 6 month shopping ban. <YES, 6 months. I could have never done it- but I commend Brea for doing it. Read her blog to learn all about her lessons learned!>. Along with Brea, Fia was on the panel to discuss reducing clothing and fabric waste through consignment. I attended the event to learn and covered it on my Instagram stories for general awareness to DC readers.

Have you ever seen someone and instantly like them? That is how I felt when Fia began to talk about her consignment boutique and using consignment as a means to reduce fabric waste. I loved her bright energy and spirit. I instantly went to her shops Instagram page and followed it, after seeing her items and after the panel I went to introduce myself to Fia. She told me that she accepts plus size clothing- which is unheard of for consignment shops here in DC! I wanted to get into her shop ASAP. Luckily, since I was packing for a move I was getting rid of a ton of items that no longer fit well, or things I haven't worn in awhile. I packed everything up and took it to Fia's Fab Finds to begin the consignment process and check out the boutique.

Outfit Details: Chambray Dress c/o ELOQUII | Espadrilles | IT Bag | Belt | Earrings | Sunnies (similar) |

As soon as I stepped foot into the boutique, I loved it. Fia has done a great job curating the shop with fabulous items at fabulous prices. It was the perfect home for my clothing, that hopefully will give some style inspo to someone else. My items are available at Fia's and they range from sizes 14-16. Consigning with Fia is so easy. After you drop off your items, the pieces are priced and tagged and as they sell, you receive your payout within the same day or a day or two after, all via Cash App. It is seriously so easy! Not to mention I'm happy that my items are going to new places to be worn again, rather than sitting unused.

For the first Friday of every month, Fia hosts "First Friday" parties complete with a DJ, margaritas, and the entire shop is 25% off! I'm so excited to be teaming up with Fia for this months party as a co-host this Friday, May 4 from 6-9pm for a pre Cinco de Mayo celebration!!! I hope that you can join us for the fun!

Fia's Fab Finds

806 Upshur St, Wash DC 20011

May First Friday- May 4 from 6-9pm

See you there!!


Blonde in the District


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