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Sicker Than Your Average Suit

I rarely ever wear suits to work anymore. I work in a more relaxed setting, with the day-to-day attire being business casual. That said, there are some days that I want to dress up. Also for my personal blog meetings, I always like to show up looking professional but obviously stylish.

I have pretty much gotten rid of all of my old plain and boring suits, and my go-to attire for work is a fun, but professional dress. When I saw the ELOQUII lilac oversized blazer and wide leg crop set, I had to have it. "How fun!," I thought. The outfit is professional enough to be worn in the workplace, yet fun enough to be worn for outside meetings, travel, or anything else in between depending what you wear under the blazer.

I wore it to work recently and I felt awesome. Women stopped me on the metro, on the street, and the staff at &pizza made me do a twirl for them after they commented about how much they liked my suit. I felt awesome in it, and I forgot how badass you can feel walking down the street in a bomb suit. What a confidence booster!

Outfit Details:

ELOQUII is always great about offering amazing pieces that I consider to be "Sicker than Your Average,"- you know, like the Biggie song, lol. Case in point- their selection of black dresses, for one. Their dresses are TOTALLY sicker than your average LBD's you see other places, and I have found the same goes for their suiting.

While they carry 9-5 basics and staples, they carry Sicker Than Your Average suits that scream style, and exude professionalism. Today, I'm highlighting my fave Sicker Than Your Average suiting, that are a must have for any lady looking for a break from the basic suit.

ELOQUII Sicker Than Your Average Suits:

Arielle Lewis Studios


Blonde in the District


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