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Eat Sugar / Spend Money

I wrote today's blog post a bit tongue in cheek, as a I'm taking the main visual of this post a bit literally <at first glance>, but I mean for it to be humorous.

Over the weekend, I attended the Hirshhorn Spring Gala that was 1980s themed. The theme matched the exhibit, Brand New: Art and Commodity in the 80's, which just closed on Sunday. The exhibit featured famous artists from the 80's such as Jeff Koons, who also was the gala honoree. Before the gala, I hit the Hirshhorn to get some inspiration for my gala outfit, and feel the 80s vibes.

I previously knew of the pictured artwork, reading Eat Sugar Spend Money, by Jessica Diamond, called T.V. Telepathy. It's meaning is to show the implicit message of many advertisements. I decided to play on that message in a fun way, to get this image. While I'm not advertising for any of these brands, I had the idea to do a round up of my favorite places in the DC area to EAT SUGAR, and some candy/dessert themed style picks to SPEND MONEY. Enjoy!

Eat Sugar

My favorite places in the DC Area to eat sugar (in no particular order!):

1. Dolcezza- their soft serve vanilla in a cone and the dark chocolate gelato are my go-to's.

2. Olivia Macaron- The Fruity Pebble Macrons are LIFE. LIFE, I SAY!!!

3. Nam Viet- between their homemade ice cream creations and the fried banana, they have desserts on lock down.

4. Milk Bar- B'day Truffles. Need I say more?

5. Captain Cookie and the Milkman- for the best choc chip cookie in the area.

6. Ted's Bulletin- because who doesn't love a boozy shake?

7. Baked & Wired- they legit have a cupcake called uniporn and rainho, ok?

8. Buttercream Bakeshop- for their unicorn bars.

9. Astro Doughnut & Fried Chicken- because a glazed doughnut and fried chicken together are heaven.

10. B TOO- two words: DOFFLE BOMB.

Spend Money

New! New Too! by Jeff Koons.


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